ProphecyThe Watchman Never Sleeps

It has been a little while, hasn’t it? Rest assured the Men in Black haven’t discovered my true identity…yet. Serious study in some earth-changing matters is currently at hand. However I am sure no one is staying awake out there wondering what I’ll write on WordPress next. I sure don’t, and I’m writing this damned blog.

The storm is gathering silent strength. The sheeple are being fattened in order to achieve prime taste on the table of the hidden ones. All is moving according to plan. Their plan, that is. The world is not ready for the lies of the aerial intruders. Still the lies will come like a shot through the heart. The whole world will be lead astray. All these things must come to pass. The Creator commands those living in the end times (Isaiah 26:20) “to go in your room and close the door behind you for a little while until His wrath has passed by”.

The freight train of deception left the station long ago. 1947, to be exact. The ball was set in motion regarding the “peace-loving space brothers”. That ball is now in our court. The clock is winding down, and between you and the basket there is an army of bug-eyed, grey-skinned Walt Chamberlains with telepathic powers (so they actually know where you are eventually gonna shoot from). Better take a shot. Time is running out. Tick tock…tick tock….tick tock…


NASA’s Curiosity Films UFO’s

The Watchman sees all. So apparently does the Mars rover Curiosity as well. Only days into the Wall-E look-alikes’ walkabout on the red planet, the NASA rover caught some rather interesting video. It shows two unidentified bright orbs flying along the horizon in the fish eye lens.

Well that could be meteors, comets, or a myriad of other natural space phenomenon, right? Sort of. The only problem is that a) the orbs fly in a straight line along the horizon without a tail (normally associated with natural space occurrences such as meteors or comets), and b) one of the two objects actually lifts vertically off the surface of Mars before following the horizon as well out of the frame. That is strange. Watch the jaw-dropping video.

I haven’t yet heard the absurd explanation that I am sure NASA has come up with to pacify this latest mystery the wonders of space has given us. Hold on, don’t tell me, let me guess NASA. A weather balloon on the martian surface? No, too lame. That one only worked before 1950 (and that was on earth, we are now on mars). How about ice crystals in the frame. No, that one is just as lame as the weather balloon one? Damn. What about dummies being launched off the martian surface by the previous martian rover Oppurtunity. Sorry about the ridiculousness of that last one, I was just taking a page out of the US Air Force’s playbook (I know, that last one is really bad –  I was just running out of ideas).

Close-up of object leaving the martian surface by vertical take-off.

Now I know that the human eye is susceptible to inadvertent trickery. However, from where I am sitting, it looks like two flying objects that are in a piece of video where there shouldn’t be flying objects. Flying objects that are clearly under some sort of intelligent control. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet – unlike the rest of the UFO hunters on the internet. Who knows, maybe it is something ordinary. Let me watch the video again.

To me it looks pretty far from ordinary. It looks like the fingerprints of the Rebel Alliance. If you don’t know who exactly that is just yet you can either read my ebook  which exposes these intruders for what they truly are (which is a complete and total lie). Or you can just wait a little while and have a telepathic conversation with one of these sperm and egg stealing insects yourself. From the looks of this latest NASA video, you might not have to wait that long. I suggest you read my e-book. Besides, my Cherokee blood can guarantee you that I can tell a better story than these repulsive insects we call the Greys.

Daniel Watchman

The Wait is Over- The Truth has Finally Arrived

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After a slight delay, When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints e-book is now here. This isn’t light reading for the bathroom. This heavyweight is chock full of sublime mysteries, packing a point of view that could very well rewire your consciousness.

In this text, masterful investigative searches turn up clear fingerprints of non-human intelligence at work on this planet long ago. From the baffling mysteries of the Great Pyramids at Giza, to jaw dropping NASA UFO’s caught by the shuttle program; all of this and so much more has revealed the startling. An advanced non-human intelligence has been watching us for millenia. However this intelligence is not what you would initially think it is. That is what they want you to believe, but that certainly isn’t the truth. Madness awaits those who believe the coming lie of the intergalactic space brothers.

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The Skies have Eyes.

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The dog days of summer are hitting their stride as we slowly come closer to a global increase in knowledge. The world is now looking for a technological savior. One that just may be from out of this world. The skeptics and non-believers are in for a rude awakening very soon. With UFO sightings on the rise like never before, we are being led down this path of mystery as willingly as a dog being pulled by his collar back into the house by an abusive owner. Something big is on the horizon. An event never before experienced by an entire planet. We are beginning to see that we are not alone in the universe. However if you search the history long and hard, you will realize that we never were alone in the universe.

On  August 23rd the truth will finally arrive through For a meager $7.99 you can explore my last twenty years of reasearch into the topic of UFO’s. It hasn’t led me to believe that we are being visited by beings from another star system. The ‘aliens’ that have plagued our skies for millenia are actually the result of technology and intelligence so advanced, we wouldn’t even understand the cliff notes on the subject. The ‘aliens’ are not what they appear to be. They are not what we think we saw on NASA shuttle film time and time again in the 1990’s. This mystery is much more sublime than guests visiting earth from another galaxy or star system.

The ‘aliens’ have no regard for our well-being. It is our biological material (human sperm and eggs) that they so desperately need. Why? The greys tell abductees that they have lost their ability to reproduce as a species, and that is the reason for the hijacking of human DNA. Well, I know the truth. These ‘things’ are not from Zeta Reticuli as they falsely claim. In fact, nothing that comes out of their minds (they are telepathic; like a certain angelic crew I know of) is the actual truth. The ‘aliens’ speak nothing but lies time and time again. Lies that my e-book will easily dispel into the outer reaches of space, never to be heard from again.

The Maya knew WHAT?

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After a short disconnect from the web I have returned refreshed (two weeks is a short time in my mind). The hour of the time is quickly drawing nigh. As we draw closer to what the Maya called the ‘womb of creation’, earth and conciousness changes come with the birth of a new age.

On the winter solstice this year our planet will be in line with every other planet in the solar system with perfect alignment as this planetary stack shaped like a needle (with our sun for the head) will be pointed directly into the Milky way galaxy. This happens once every 26 thousand years. This incredible celestial phenomenon is what gave the Maya the idea that new suns (26,000 yr celestial precessional cycles [or 13 baktunes as the Maya called them]) were born from this celestial birthing ritual taking place on the stage of the night sky. The Maya could actually correctly predict the movement of the bodies in our heavens (even the ones that cannot be seen with the naked eye) as they roam our solar system in cycles of 26 thousand years. Um, does anyone else think that is just a little bit advanced for a people who didn’t even possess the wheel? Hell, they didn’t even possess the knowledge of iron if you believe the archeologists point of view. How is it that western intellect only stumbled upon pluto as late as the 1930’s, yet Neolithic people from the jungles of Middle America did not only know about these planetary bodies in our solar system (Neptune and pluto) literally thousands of years before science was even invented; but they could accurately track these bodies movements in the sky at cycles of 26,000 years? Something is missing in this equation.

The variable in this equation that is nowhere to be found when it comes to the Maya (and the Ancient Egyptians) is TECHNOLOGY. You know, the variable that brought our attention  to the planetary bodies of Neptune and pluto in the 1930’s. As far as I know, we haven’t found any telescopes the size of a three-story house buried at any Mayan sites we have unearthed (so far). This is but one mystery that the Maya have left us with.

If you look at the religion of the Maya however, where this advanced knowledge was seeded from is no mystery at all. The ‘sky gods’ gave it to them. The ones that lived with them for a time on this planet. The legends of the Inca are identical. Almost too similar. According to these two separate cultures, both of their sky gods responsible for starting their civilization were bearded white men wearing long flowing robes who came to these cultures using technology the natives didn’t quite understand. Neither the Maya nor the Inca could grow beards. Not even wispy little Fu-Manchu hairs on their face. They are both Native American cultures. Neither culture at that time could grow beards due to the purity of both races. Wierd doesn’t even begin to describe what their oral history declares.

Oral history is much more likely to remain unchanged for millenia. The reason for this is the fact that even though languages change throughout time, the story passed by those changing languages remained virtually the same. This is their religion. It had to be preserved for the future generation of Maya to come. Their traditions aren’t some thousand-year old telephone game with the ending generation’s tale having nothing to do with the origin of the story. This was the most sacred knowledge the priests of that time held possession of, period. We have to look a little deeper at what this religion of theirs states. There are clues that help us understand the bigger picture when it comes to who these ancient cultures were in contact with. I believe it is the same collective intelligence that has now brought forth a technological revolution in our own modern-day culture. This is no mistake.

The problem is the sinister mission which underlies all this UFO activity we are now seeing such  a monumental increase in. The dark mission that my e-book When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints will disclose in full. I know exactly what these ‘aliens’ will preach once they make themselves known on a public level. It sure as hell won’t be about God or Jesus either. You can go ahead and take that one to the bank, Jack.

I also know about the certain annihilation of our planet the ‘aliens’ will claim is on its way once they invade this beautiful planet we walk upon. Not only that, but I know this reason of impending doom (lie) to befall the earth is actually what will bring them out into the open from their subterranean hiding places that can now be found all over this earth. We already know they are here in our upper atmosphere. NASA has the incredible film to prove it. The e-book covers it all, and it is only two weeks away. Keep your eyes on the skies, friend. The ‘Grand Reveal’ we are all waiting on could happen the very second you are reading this sentence. Madness awaits those who believe the coming lie of the ‘space bothers’. The Watchman however, has the secret intelligence to blow the lid off this covert operation. The light of truth will forever shine, even when I am long since gone.

National Geographic Team Finds Physical Evidence of Government Cover-up at Roswell Crash Site

US Army / Air Force coat button found at Roswell crash site by National Geographic

National Geographic’s new reality show Chasing UFO’s is picking up where the now cancelled UFO Hunters (The History Channel) abruptly left off. Except Nat. Geo. is actually bringing forth compelling evidence other than eyewitness testimonies and tantalizing videos. The team, which consists of a ufologist, a tech specialist and a radiation scientist have recently discovered the best physical evidence yet that something out of this world crashed near the dusty town of Roswell, New Mexico in the sweltering days of early July, 1947. This ordinary US military button actually tells more of a story than you could possibly imagine. So sit back and let me display my tracking skills for just a moment.

First hand eyewitness accounts (Major Jesse Marcel Sr, Mac Brasel) claimed that the Roswell debris field they first stumbled upon was over 3/4th of a mile long, and 200 yards in width (in some places). That’s one hell of a balloon ‘crash’ site (I know balloons can’t possibly crash according to physics, I am just humoring the government here just for a moment). Anyway, aerial photographs of the crash site have uncovered an extreme anamoly regarding this place that is literally out in the middle of nowhere. The ‘balloon’ crash site has been completely burned in the past.

Why would the military burn the site of the Roswell ‘balloon’ crash site? Well, if you don’t live near a large urban area or watch A&E’s The First 48 either, I’ll clue you in. Evil people trying to hide their tracks, also known as CRIMINALS, burn areas that might contain evidence that would implicate them very easily in a court of law. You be the judge on why the military would just burn the area that contained the debris field. The obvious reason to me is that in 1947, they didn’t realize that over 65 years later (now), we would possess the technology to easily find this broken trail of military dreams that leads straight to Roswell, New Mexico.

The burn patch is squared off, suggesting artificial causes for the fire. Nothing is in the initial reports in regards to the site being completely burned when it was first discovered by Major Marcel and Mac Brasel (the first two to see the site in the daytime immediately after the ‘balloon crash’). Marcel and Mac Brasel did report some charred bushes inside the boundary of the debris field, but absolutely nothing is said about the debris field being found in a raging wildfire…in the middle of the desert. I know, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Looking at the site from the recently taken aerial photos, it looks as if bleach has been poured out on a crime scene (fires don’t burn in square-shaped patterns). It is unmistakable. I’ll bet you can’t guess the dimensions of the squared off ‘bleach’ pattern left in the middle of the New Mexico desert? 3/4 of a mile long and 200 yards in diameter. The Nat. Geo. team found the button inside the square boundaries of this ‘bleach’ pattern.

Aerial photo showing Roswell ‘balloon’ site. Note how it looks like bleach poured on a crime scene.

Close-up of crash site. Note squared off straight lines. Dimensions of the pattern are almost identical to initial reports of the size of the debris field found on the Foster ranch : 3/4 mile long by 200 yards wide. What a coincidence.

Q: “We know the US military was at the Roswell ‘weather balloon’ debris field cleaning up, so what if somebody found a coat button from the time at the site?”

A: Well, it means a lot from an investigators’ perspective. Military records clearly show that the insignia and the number of stars on the button indicate that it was only manufactured for two years, 1947-1949. It belonged to the Army Air Force (the Air Force had not been inducted as its own branch yet). Again, the government doesn’t dispute the fact that they were cleaning up the wather balloon crash site (as ridiculous as that sounds) found near Roswell in 1947. So ask yourself this: Why on earth would enlisted military men be out in the middle of the night in the desert on their hands and knees searching with their eyes only a few feet away from the targeted area they were searching?

Q: How do we know the military were out conducting this thorough search for ‘weather balloon’ fragments at the crash site at night?

A: The military button discovered by the Nat. Geo. team was very sturdy. It is unmistakably a coat button. Now normally you wouldn’t be wearing a coat in the desert in the first part of July, unless of course you were working at night. This small tidbit of information again sprouts a whole other story other than a nondescript military clean-up effort for a simple weather or spy balloon apparatus.

Of course the dispute when it comes to the Roswell case is what exactly did come down in the desert that night in early July, 1947? The government explanations (there have been three so far pertaining to different balloon types) say it was nothing to get worked up over. US GOV: “It was just a balloon (which one of the three they are claiming it is – is still a little unclear in my mind), so go back to quietly paying your taxes, there’s nothing to see here. What’s that? Somebody from the inside of Roswell Army Air base already released a truthful press statement to the media in Roswell stating that we (the military) already have in our possession, a flying disc???? Doh. Well, actually it was just… a weather balloon. I mean, it was actually… a top-secret spy balloon designed to detect soviet nuclear blasts halfway across the world. You, the public aren’t buying that one either? Well, give me just a moment to compose myself. Okay, I’m being serious this time I promise. It was in all truthfulness….mannequins dropped on parachutes from low flying planes to test for something. What’s that? You have looked at our military records and discovered that not only were all incoming and outgoing Roswell Army/Air Force base transmissions from 1947  destroyed for some unknown reason, but you guys out there actually checking up on the Gov. also quickly discovered that the mannequins weren’t dropped out of planes for the first time until 1953, and the Roswell event actually happened in 1947??? Oops. Like I said, go back to paying your taxes. If for some reason we cannot be contacted in the future for further questioning, know we have certainly NOT used your tax dollars to build an immense subterranean complex consisting of entire underground self-sufficient cities spanning the US in the extreme case of an invasion of earth by a highly advanced, inter-stellar armada of, ahem…balloons. That’s right, I said balloons – from space. Please, no further questions. We would like this whole thing to just queitly slip away in the summer breeze. No, you can’t have the real reason why we cancelled the space shuttle program indefinitely, I said no more questions (high pitched voice coming from the background: “okay, dad”). Isn’t it almost time to go punch a clock somewhere? These taxes aren’t going to pay themselves.”

So now that we have all seen just how ludicrous the idea of the military swooping down on the balloon crash site in the middle of the night is, chew on this for a moment. The button found suggests that the servicemen were on their hands and knees in the middle of the night while thoroughly combing the Roswell site.

Q: How could we possibly know that the military was on their hands and knees while trying to clean up the site at night?

A: That’s a good question, with an even better answer. In July of 1947, whoever lost that coat button in the middle of the desert near Roswell, had only been wearing the coat for less than a year. If you have ever been in the military, you are fully aware of your uniform regulations. If code is not meet in regards to your uniform (loose buttons and threads, wrinkles, etc.), expect harsh punishment for not following code (orders). The button found was only in production from 1947-1949. So that means that the only way that freshly stitched button could have been torn from the coat which it called home is by contact with the ground while on your hands and knees. While you are searching desperately for something. In the middle of the night. In the middle of the desert.

US enlisted military man cleaning up the Roswell balloon crash site in July, 1947 :  “So what am I looking for again, a weather or spy balloon apparatus that was lost by the Army/Air Force? I need to be on my hands and knees in the middle of the desert night to carry out this task? Must be a pretty important piece of equipment. What’s that you say? The project Mogul balloon apparatus (as well as weather balloons at that time) were only composed of simple rigging, balsa wood fragments and rubber balloons? Ones which carried such force from the thousand of miles an hour descent from the lower atmosphere into the desert plains that bits of rubber and balsa wood were embedded into the ground as a result of the EXPLOSIVE impact of the balloon ‘CRASH’ ? Balloons that were sooo top-secret that the address for Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) was actually printed on them because if you found one that did come down on your property, the military wanted you to mail it back to them??? I don’t get it, but I am in the military. Following orders IS MY JOB. If I don’t do my job, then I DON’T STAY IN THE MILITARY (that’s right, the checks stop coming in, son). SIR, YES SIR! Cleaning up the weather or spy-balloon debris (or dummies dropped from parachutes that didn’t happen for the first time until 1953). SIR!”

Roswell: What really happened?

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the Roswell event I am posting part of a chapter from my upcoming book When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints. It deals specifically with the truth about Roswell, and just what it means for all of us from the standpoint of Biblical prophecy possibly being fulfilled by the UFO phenomenon. Don’t worry, I am not going to beat you over the head with Jesus. I promise.

There is a lot of material here. Around 50 pages. If you are at work and looking for something interesting to pass the time – this is it. Check it out and keep your eyes on the skies.

Roswell, New Mexico 1947: ‘Help’ Arrives

It seems that in the beginning of July, 1947 some of our little grey ‘bug eyed buddies’ had actually crashed (at least one) of their highly advanced corvettes into the ground on purpose, killing almost all of the crew inside. Allegedly one of the crew however was actually still alive at the time of its discovery by the Roswell Army Air Force’s 509th squadron. One (or part of one) disc had become embedded in the ground at Corona, New Mexico. The other purportedly came to rest on the plains of San Augustin, New Mexico.

Now, the alien wreckage or debris field that would later come to be found on an isolated ranch outside of Roswell that caused a worldwide media firestorm didn’t contain the actual alien craft themselves. The apparent explosion that had caused the craft to hit the ground in San Augustin and/or Corona happened above the isolated ranch at Roswell, New Mexico. The damaged disc and their crew had themselves come to rest at Corona, and/or San Augustin, New Mexico where they were quickly and quietly recovered by the Army Air Force.

The actual validity concerning one or two crashed saucers really isn’t of concern here. Whether it was one or two really doesn’t matter. The crystal clear evidence we are about to see proves to me this much: at least one ‘alien’ saucer and its crew were indeed spirited away by the military in July, 1947 near Roswell New Mexico. How do we know this? You are about to find out if you aren’t already privy to this incredible world changing event over 60 years past us by this point in time.

This was done for our benefit on behalf of the dark ones. The technological ‘seeds’ that were found in the craft(s), would just a few years down the road from 1947, produce some of the most amazing technological advances in the history of the planet. Once we figured out just what was found inside their craft worked anyway. These advances would one day help jumpstart our world technology into hyper speed. That ‘one day’ is now.

This single event began to march us unwillingly toward the day of their Grand Reveal, which would in turn start “The (Alien) New World Order” spoken of in the book of Revelation. The one world system and religion based upon the work of the Anti-Christ, The False Prophet, and The Beast of the Sea. Who are known very well to us Christians as ‘the unholy Trinity’.

Read the entire Book of Revelation, and you will see why so many people in our end of days will be fooled by this ‘alien’ nonsense. The whole Christian church (as well as the world) is looking for a man to fulfill this Biblical prophecy of the Anti-Christ. Revelation doesn’t tell us to look for men in regards to the unholy trinity; the church has just always assumed that would be the case. The Anti-Christ and his 2 cohorts are known in Revelation as beasts, not men. An ‘alien anti-Christ’ would have more of an effect on the planet as a whole from the viewpoint of the rebels and their leader.

I can already hear the wheels in your head turning. Sure angels can become visible at will in the costume of choice, but dead bodies? How could angels possibly be responsible for the dead bodies, and one live one found at one of the disc sites? If there really were bodies, how could they be angels in disguise?

The flesh and blood ‘alien’ beings found at Roswell, are the horrific results of the biological agenda currently underlying the “alien abduction” phenomenon which is now taking place all over the world. ‘They’ were genetically engineered by none other than the power of the magnitude of the all-encompassing knowledge of the great dragon himself, Satan, along with his rebel angelic crew.

He is playing God yet again (as he is known to do through history), but this time with horrendously frightening results. The Nephilim have indeed returned to roam the Earth once again, under the leadership of Satan himself. History is once again repeating itself. The rebel alliance grows stronger.

Civilian Death Threats


There were many civilian witnesses to the disc and its otherworldly crew at San Augustin, all of which were told it would be a matter of the integrity of their patriotism to keep quiet, or else (which is my polite way of putting it). I can assure you that the military weren’t nearly as sweet in their approach to these unfortunate civilians who had stumbled upon the actual wreck site, or sites. The alien craft at San Augustin, and/or Corona, were discovered before the military realized that there were still pieces of debris and possibly dismembered alien body parts from one or possibly both discs strewn all over a dusty ranch, on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico.

The Army was sure they had quietly cleaned this otherworldly mess up by quickly spiriting the disc and crew away from the crash site(s) of San Augustin, and Corona, without the word getting out to the masses of the public. They didn’t want a full blown panic on their hands. Remember The War of the Worlds radio induced widespread panic of the 1930’s? The military sure did.

Those confused souls had unfortunately turned their radios on only after Orson Welles had explained that what they were listening to was actually a dramatic interpretation of the H.G. Wells classic from the late 19th century, in 1939. Some people who had brought firearms to the fracas, reportedly mistook a farmer’s water tower for a Martian Tripod and shot at it4. Entire cities were in an uproar.

This panic stricken embarrassment to those in the broadcast community was only 9 years old at this point in the history of our once great nation called America. Panic was a very real concern to the people high up in the military concerning the UFO phenomenon at this point. They had already seen what people afraid of extra-terrestrials invading our planet were capable of, and it wasn’t pretty.

The military (Army Air Force) commanding officers on the site of San Augustin made it very clear that if these civilians who had been unlucky enough to stumble upon one of the crash sites there (who were apparently part of an archeological dig near the alleged crash site) ever talked about what they seen to anyone, even their families, not only the witnesses would be killed, but their entire family’s lives were threatened as well. This isn’t my interpretation of the event folks, as you are about to see. This is documented.

One in particular, who is one of the over 400 firsthand eyewitnesses to the event (and willing to talk), was a woman named Frankie Rowe. Frankie Rowe states her father was a firefighter who on a fire run outside of town was called to the scene of what was initially thought to be a downed civilian or military aircraft on the outskirts of Roswell. What they found instead was a wrecked spacecraft and actual alien bodies. Later, after seeing a state trooper with a piece of dull gray metallic foil from the downed craft that “would unfold itself” (supposed ‘memory’ metal), she and her family were threatened into silence by military personnel who visited her house.

In a taped interview that I have seen, she said through held back tears that she was threatened by a menacing red haired Army Colonel only a day or so after seeing the strange debris in town. She recalled how he was rapping a wooden baton against his hand as he spoke to her alone in her family kitchen in a very serious tone: “It’s a big desert out there honey, if we ever find out that you speak one word of this to anybody, they will be picking your bones out of the desert years from now wondering who you were.”

In her sworn affidavit she wrote, “I was told that if I ever talked about it, I could be taken out into the desert never to return, or that my mother and father would be taken to ‘Orchard Park’, a former POW camp5.” Rowe’s older sister Helen Cahill said her parents told her a similar story6.

Her father actually witnessed one of the downed craft, and 2 bodies of the “Greys” in body bags, and one still alive at the scene of the ‘weather balloon’ crash. They simply responded to help as they are paid to do. What they stumbled upon was beyond bizarre to say the least. The military was already there desperately trying to clean up the site. Frankie was only a child (around 16) at the time of that death threat she today remembers so vividly. Many further witnesses to the bizarre debris at Roswell would also hear this comforting statement hurled their way from the tight lips of the military of the day as well.

The Army took all the names of the witnesses who saw the actual disc sites, proving to those civilians, that these military guys meant business, and serious business. Remember that the U.S. had just won an incredible victory just a couple years earlier by defeating the Nazi war machine in WWII. If those heroes (the military) had told them to keep quiet about what they had seen for patriotic reasons, then they would keep their mouth shut. However, they wouldn’t stay silent forever.

At this time however, the military wasn’t yet aware of what was strewn all over the Foster ranch in New Mexico. The Army thought they had successfully cleaned this mess up without word getting out to the masses. They were wrong. Civilians would actually break the news to the military that something ‘otherworldly’ had indeed been damaged over the desert near Roswell. What they found that was given to the military was something that was definitely not of this Earth.

Roswell, July 1947: The Foster Ranch

On Thursday, July 3, 1947 a rancher known as Mac Brazel was working as a foreman on an isolated ranch known as the Foster Ranch. It was located roughly 45 miles on the outskirts of the sleepy, dusty town of Roswell, New Mexico. Mac was a simple cowpuncher who knew nothing but the land, and the horses and cattle he tended. His simple life however was about to take a turn towards one of face stretching insanity.

The night before, a massive lightning storm had swept violently through the area around the desert ranch. Mac had heard an incredible explosion, which did not register as the all too familiar crack of a lightning strike. In the morning, at first light, he would go and inspect for damage he was sure had occurred on the Foster Ranch he was meagerly paid to supervise.

When the sun began to rise above the isolated ranch, Mac and his 7 year old neighbor Dee went on horseback to investigate the Foster Ranch. There were a couple of windmills on the property, and Mac wanted to make sure they were alright. It was an extremely loud explosion he had heard the night before. Something had to be damaged, of that he was sure.

As Mac and Dee carefully inspected the ranch, it appeared that all of the livestock could be accounted for and all had escaped bodily harm. However, when Mac and Dee rode their horses onto a particular stretch of the ranch, something truly bizarre was laid out in front of them. Shiny destroyed bits and pieces of ‘something’ were strewn all over the field. There was a lot of it. The weird thing was that the livestock wouldn’t go anywhere near the wreckage for some reason. The debris field was enormous to say the least. The debris field Mac and Dee had stumbled upon was close to 200 yards wide, and 3/4 of a mile long7. Saying that it was quite a scene stretched out before them doesn’t even begin to accurately describe it.

Mac picked up some of the debris which comprised the wreckage on the Foster ranch. Something strange was afoot, as Mac had never seen metal like this before. Small smooth plastic looking ‘I’ beams with some kind of weird hieroglyphic writing on them that couldn’t be cut or burned. Mac couldn’t read them of course. There was also an extremely light tin-foil like material that didn’t weigh anything and somehow would resume its shape immediately if it was crunched up into a ball. There was a literal ton of debris. It was everywhere. Mac gathered some of the bizarre material and hid it in a shed on the ranch. He also picked up a couple of small pieces of the strange debris and took it with him when he went to take Dee home.

Mac first showed the debris he had brought with him to Dee’s parents Floyd and Loretta Proctor, who were Mac’s nearest neighbors. Loretta was interviewed in 1990 and was asked by nuclear physicist and pioneering UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, co-author of Crash at Corona, the Roswell Story, just what she remembered seeing that particular day in early June 1947. Mac had long been dead at the time of the research of Stanton’s book, so Loretta was the only firsthand link to the very beginning of this incredibly unbelievable story. The following are transcripts of that interview, as well as a few others, taken from Crash at Corona.

[Mac] had this piece of material that he had picked up. He wanted to show it to us and wanted us to go down and see the rest of the debris or whatever, [but] we didn’t on account of the transportation and everything wasn’t too good. He didn’t get anybody to come out who was interested in it. The piece he brought looked like a kind of tan, light-brown plastic… it was very lightweight, like balsa wood. It wasn’t a large piece, maybe about four inches long, maybe just a little larger than a pencil. We cut on it with a knife and would hold a match on it, and it wouldn’t burn. We knew it wasn’t wood. It was smooth like plastic, it didn’t have real sharp corners, kind of like a dowel stick. It was kind of a dark tan. It didn’t have any grain … just smooth. I hadn’t ever seen anything like it8.

Mac Brasel’s son would later recall what he remembered of the wreckage his father had shown him around the time of Mac’s discovery of the strange material found on the Foster ranch in early July 1947:

It was something on the order of tinfoil, except that it wouldn’t tear…. You could wrinkle it and lay it back down and it immediately resumed its original shape… quite pliable, but you couldn’t crease or bend it like ordinary metal. Almost like a plastic, but definitely metallic. Dad once said that the Army had once told him it was not anything made by us. There was also some threadlike material. It looked like silk … but was not silk . . . a very strong material without strands or fibers like silk would have. This was more like a wire – all one piece or substance. There were some wooden like particles. Like balsa wood in weight, but a bit darker in color and much harder. … It was pliable but wouldn’t break… It weighed nothing, but you couldn’t scratch it with your fingernail. All I had was a few small bits. There was no writing or markings on the pieces I had but Dad did say one time that there were what he called “figures” on some of the pieces he found. He often referred to the petro-glyphs the ancient Indians drew on the rocks around here as “figures”, too, and I think that’s what he meant to compare them with9.

Because Roswell was literally, out in the middle of nowhere, Mac had not yet heard about the saucer craze rapidly blowing across the country (853 reports in North America and Canada alone in 1947). He didn’t associate the debris field found on the Foster Ranch with a ‘flying saucer’. He simply knew that he had found something that was out of the ordinary, to say the least. His plan was to make the considerable trek to Roswell to show the sheriff of Chaves County, whose jurisdiction included the small town of Roswell. Up until this point, the military was unaware of the extremely large and extensive debris field on the Foster ranch. Civilians were the only ones so far to have seen the extensive debris Mac and Dee had first discovered on the Foster Ranch.

On Sunday July 6, Mac made his way to the sheriff’s office of George Wilcox. He showed George some bits of the strange debris that he had brought with him. George was puzzled to say the least, due to the apparently other worldly properties some of this stuff possessed. He had definitely never seen anything like it, just like Mac, or anyone else who had seen the weird debris.

The tin foil material was apparently some kind of memory metal. It weighed nothing. Yet you could scrunch it up into a ball in your hand, and when you opened your hand up, it would return back to its original shape! No creases were visible; it was as if you had never balled it up at all! George immediately called Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). He explained that some bizarre debris had been found on the Foster ranch, and the military might want to investigate. Let me tell you just how elite this military unit (RAAF) that was called out to the Foster ranch really was.

RAAF was home to the 509th bomber group that housed, and piloted the Enola Gay. We are talking about the most elite bomber group in the world at that time. These guys were the ones that were given the special task of leveling the Japanese cities of Nagasaki, and Hiroshima with the nuclear weapons “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”. They were responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children with the first, and only atomic weapons ever used in war.

We are not talking about some Mickey Mouse guys here. RAAF and the 509th, was the absolute cream of the crop when it came to the military at the time. They were the best aviators America had to offer. Senior Intelligence officer of the 509th, Jesse Marcel Sr. was sent by the Army to the Foster ranch to investigate the strange debris Sheriff Wilcox had called the base about. Marcel was himself a tried and trusted member of the 509th.

By the time Marcel had made it out to the ranch with Mac, it was late. They would have to wait until first light to investigate. They made a fire, shared a can of beans, and slept under the stars. In the morning, Mac and Jesse rose early to check out the scene.

Jesse could tell at first glance, that there was definitely something abnormal about the contents of this debris field. Jesse was driving a pickup truck. It had taken the better part of the entire day to fill the bed of the truck with the strange debris, when the job of clearing the site was finally finished. The sun had already long slipped beyond the mountains, when he left the ranch in his old beat up truck.

Since the matter had not yet become classified, telling his family about it wasn’t a crime. Jesse wanted to go home and show this amazing material to his 12 year old son Jesse Jr., and to his wife. Take into account that by the time Jesse Sr. arrived at his home, it was almost 2 o’clock in the morning. This is how incredible this material really was. He was willing to wake up his wife and son in the middle of the night, to show him just what he had found in the dusty lands of the Foster ranch. Jesse Sr. was sure that Jesse Jr. would never see the likes of this kind of material again. Marcel Sr. would be more than correct in his assumption that night in July 1947.

Jesse Marcel Jr., is today in his seventies. He is an accomplished surgeon, and was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He is a hero in my eyes, not only for his military service, but for continuing to speak on what his 11 yr. old mind clearly remembers. He distinctly remembers his dad waking him up late that night in early July 1947, saying: “I know it’s late, but you are never going to see the likes of this again. Come and see this, I think it’s parts from a flying saucer10.” The bizarre other worldly characteristics of the Roswell debris field definitely warranted his correct assumption. It was parts of a “Flying Saucer”, and I am absolutely positive that by the end of this chapter, there will not be a shadow of a doubt in your mind either.

Jesse Jr. was interviewed by Stanton Friedman as well in the 1990’s. Here is what He told Stanton Friedman during that interview:

The crash and remnants of the device that I happened to see have left an imprint on my memory that can never be forgotten. The craft (the debris was from) was not conventional in any sense of the word, in that the remains were most likely what were then known as a “flying saucer” that had apparently been stressed beyond its designed capabilities. I’m basing this on the fact that many of the remnants, including I-beam pieces that were present, had strange hieroglyphic typewriting symbols across the inner surfaces … pink and purple, except that I don’t think there were any animal figures present as there are in true Egyptian hieroglyphics. The remainder of the debris was just described as nondescript metallic debris, or just shredded fragments, but there was a fair amount of the intact I-beam members present. I only saw a small portion of the debris that was actually present at the crash site11.

Jesse Sr. would arise the next day from his own bed at the modest house he called home, and head back to RAAF with his strange truckload of soon to be classified Above Top Secret material. Now, there is video recorded testimony of Jesse Sr. taken in the early 1980’s, years after he had retired from the Army, and was well into his 80’s. This video is what was responsible for the Roswell story even reentering the conscious of the American public to begin with. Before Jesse Sr. spoke out in this interview publicly, no one even cared or remembered Roswell. After this interview aired publicly in the early 1980’s, that stance would drastically change. In this interview he states:

When I got to the ranch, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what it was. There was this tin-foil material. Thin, like the foil in a pack of cigarettes. I tried to break it, it wouldn’t break. I tried to burn it, it wouldn’t burn. It definitely wasn’t something that we (U.S. military) had. I was sure of that. I could tell that it definitely wasn’t from this Earth!12

Sheriff George Wilcox had seen something a little more sensitive than just some plastic and tin foil. He had actually driven to one of the crash (disc) sights before the military had cordoned it off. The granddaughter of Sheriff George and Inez, Barbara, was also interviewed in the 1990’s by Stanton Friedman as well. Inez Wilcox died not long after this interview was taken, at the age of ninety-three. George had passed away a few years earlier, and Inez was very elderly, but still very sharp at the time she had told her granddaughter the following:

My grandmother said “Don’t tell anybody what I am about to tell you. When the (Roswell) incident happened, the military police came to the jailhouse and told George and I that if we ever told anything about the incident, not only would we be killed, but our entire family would be killed!13” Inez’s granddaughter Barbara stated: “They called my grandfather and someone came and told him about this incident. He went out there to the site; there was a big burned area and he saw debris. It was in the evening. There were four “space beings”. Their heads were large. They wore suits like silk. One of the “little men” was alive. If she (Inez) said it happened, IT HAPPENED!14

As for the death threat given by the Army, Barbara’s grandmother made it very clear:

They meant it, Barbara – they were not kidding! She said the event shocked George. He never wanted to be sheriff again after that. Grandmother ran for sheriff and was defeated. My grandmother was a very loyal citizen of the United States, and she thought it was in the best interest of the country not to talk about it.15

Roswell and the World Media Get in on the Action

Remember when it comes to the Roswell event, that all we have left today (since the government is hiding the best evidence, i.e. bodies and wreckage) is eyewitness testimony. Generally, this cannot be trusted as true, accurate evidence. However, when you have literally close to 400, maybe more, different people all remembering basically the same thing, that is a different story altogether. It would be different if we were talking about one or two people with conflicting stories, but almost 400 firsthand accounts exhibiting the exact same content? No way. Besides, just wait until I completely expose the preposterous lies of the government concerning this event. Anyone who knows just exactly what they have said covering the last 60 years about Roswell, which I do, word for lying word, can clearly see that they are lying about what they know as the truth regarding Roswell.

The number of people that were threatened with their lives in this case, is unbelievable, and completely disgusting. All these people (taxpaying citizens) were threatened with their lives over a weather or cold war spy balloon? I don’t think so. Once we dig a little further and deeper into this Army fiasco, and especially their unbelievably ridiculous explanations, I am pretty sure you will be on my side of the coin, as well. No doubt about it.

This is the government that our money is paying for. Don’t you think that they owe us the truth? I don’t care how sensitive the material is. Honesty in return for their paychecks is the least they can do. What if you lied at your place of employment regarding work related material? You know as well as I, that you would be fired on the spot, with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. So why do we continue to let them get away with it? Their actions to this point in the story are absolutely atrocious. It is despicable, and embarrassing to know that these guys were Americans. Unfortunately, the past behavior of our armed forces is going to get a whole lot more incriminating from here on out.

I have only brought a few of the eyewitnesses’ testimonies to light, simply because this book is not just about the Roswell incident. Roswell is but just one link in the chain of perpetuation of the rebel’s great lie. Our journey will still take some time to finish. If you would like to read more about the Roswell incident, there are many books on the subject. Crash at Corona in my opinion is the most thorough of them all. Friedman and Moore have left no stone unturned in this complete debacle of a cover-up perpetrated by the people whose salary we pay. I urge you to read it.

Unfortunately, the actions of our (not so) trusted government don’t get any better from this point out. They get worse. Deception is written all over this strange event called Roswell, plain as day. The two radio stations in Roswell at the time quickly became players in the game as well. KFGL employee Frank Joyce received a call from a man who claimed to have some wreckage on his ranch, it was Mac Brazel. The following is an interview with Frank who recalled:

He (Mac) asked me what to do about it (the debris field on the Foster ranch). I recommended he go to Roswell Army Air Base. The next thing I heard was that the PIO (RAAF Public Information Officer), [Lt.] Walter Haut, came into the station sometime after I got this call. He handed me a news release printed on onionskin stationary and left immediately. I called him back at the base and said, “I suggest that you not release this type of story (to the public over the air waves) that says YOU (the Army) HAVE A FLYING SAUCER OR A FLYING DISC.” He said, “No, it’s ok. I have the ok from the C.O. (Commanding Officer) Colonel “Bull” Blanchard.16

Let’s go ahead and make sure you realize this very important fact here. The initial report of a flying saucer (UFO) captured by the Army was released to the radio station, from the army itself. The initial report of a flying saucer was not given to the KGFL radio by Mac, or any other civilian for that matter. This is not in dispute here, it is a fact. The Army absolutely did originally release the story of a “saucer in their possession” to the Roswell media first. They admit it to this day. They have to, because Co. ‘Bull’ Blanchard released this extremely sensitive information to the only press in town of Roswell at the time without first checking with the brass up at the Pentagon before he released it to the media. Whoops.

Had he not done this, all we would have at this point would be eyewitness testimony, which cannot in itself be trusted as fact. However when you put that testimony next to the not so clever lies of the Army and the Air Force yet to come regarding this incident, a whole new scenario starts to present itself. That scenario could also be categorized as the truth of the matter at hand. Remember how we talked about the fact that secrets never stay secret for long? This is a perfect example.

Roswell Radio station owner Frank Joyce continued:

I sent the release on the Western Union wire to the United Press bureau. After I returned to the station, there was a flash on the wire with the story: “The U.S. Army Air Corps says it has a flying disc.” They typed a paragraph or two, and then other people got on the wire and asked for more information. Then the phone calls started coming on, and I referred them to [the airfield]. Then the wire stopped and just hummed. Then a phone call came in, and the caller identified himself as an officer at the Pentagon, and this man said some very bad things about what would happen to me… he was really pretty nasty. Finally, I got through to him: I said, “You’re talking about a press release from the U.S. Army Air Corps!” Bang! The phone went dead; he was just gone. Then [station owner Walt] Whitmore called me and said, “Frank, what’s going on down there?” He was quite upset. He asked, “Where did you get this story?” In the meantime, I got this [USAAF news] release and hid it, to have proof so no one could accuse me of making it up. Whitmore came in to the station and I gave him the release. He took it with him. The next significant thing occurred in the evening. I again got a call from [Mac] Brazel. He said, “We haven’t got this story right.” I invited him over to the station; he arrived not long after sunset.

He was alone, but I had the feeling that we were being watched (by Mac’s military ‘escorts’ waiting outside the radio station – Author). He said something about a weather balloon. I said, “Look, this is completely different than what you told me on the phone the other day about the little green men,” and that’s when he said, “No, they weren’t green (They were ‘grey’ – Author)”. I had the feeling he was under tremendous pressure. He then said to me, “Our lives will never – be the same again – .17

Mac Brazel was seen by many people in the town of Roswell at this point, after he had given his wreckage to Jesse Marcel and after his complete 180 degree change in story. By all reports, he was a totally different person. Friends claim he was a broken man.

Friends later recalled Mac had been gone for a few days before his second visit to KGFL radio to speak with Frank Joyce, presumably being threatened himself at RAAF. When his friends saw him back in town, he was being escorted by Military Police, and when his friends said “Hi, Mac.”, Mac didn’t even look their way. This was completely out of character according to his friends at the time. Mac was also seen driving a brand new pickup truck in town, not long after. He later picked up, and moved out of Roswell never to return again.

A friend later caught up with Mac a few years after this incident, and by all accounts, Mac was indeed a broken man. He said he was sorry he had ever told anybody about the wreckage as the only interview ever taken with him for a newspaper account showed, and that was as far as he would go. This same friend had recalled that the town Mac moved to, had a brand new electric meat freezer, owned by Mac (which was very expensive at the time), and that he was charging people in town to keep their meat for them. Not exactly the kind of thing in 1947, you would pick up on simple ranchers wages. Things that make you go hmmm.

KSWS, the other radio station in town, proved to be a player also. On July 7th, radio employee Johnny McBoyle went to the wreckage sight (it is unclear which of the three). He has refused to talk to anyone about the event, even after 50 years. Lydia Sleppy, a teletype operator at KSWS, had a teletype press message interrupted by the F.B.I. She however, is talking. She was also interviewed by Stanton Friedman in 1990. The following is her transcribed interview:

We were Mutual Broadcasting and ABC, and if we had anything newsworthy, we would put it on the teletype machine, and I was the one who did the typing. It was in my office. Station owner Mr. Merle Tucker was in Washington, D.C., trying to get an application approved for a station in El Paso, when this call came from John McBoyle. He told me he had something hot for the network. I said, “Give me a minute and I’ll get the assistant manager,” because if it was anything like that, I wanted one of them there while I was taking it down. I went back and asked Mr. Karl Lambertz (he came up from the big Dallas station) if he would come up and watch. John was dictating and [Karl] was standing right at my shoulder. I got into it enough to know that it was a pretty big story, when the bell came on signaling an interruption. Typing came across: “This is the FBI, you will CEASE transmitting.18

There is also a mortician named Glenn Dennis, who worked in Roswell at the time of the incident. He was 21 at the time. He still lives there to this day. His ‘made-up’ story hasn’t got him boatloads of cash. If anything, he has become a laughing stock, for what he swears to this day is the truth.

He worked for the only funeral parlor in the vicinity of Roswell. He was also responsible for taking care of the military’s dead as well, as they didn’t have a military mortuary at RAAF. A day or two after the event, he was contacted by the military to deliver 4 or 5 child size coffins to the 509th Air base. The military also asked Glenn multiple questions about embalming fluids, and the effects of such on bodies that were damaged by rotting in the sun for days. He was also asked about effects of embalming fluid on bodies that had open wounds due to predator damage (the alien bodies had presumably been ravaged by predators at one of the crash sites before the military had taken them into their possession). Glenn thought that was a little strange to say the least.

He went to deliver the coffins to RAAF, and because Glenn was well known there, he was mistakenly let right in through the back door past the MP’s that were guarding it. He had walked in and noticed that the place was a literal beehive of activity. People were running around frantically, like chickens with their heads cut off. He saw a nurse that he knew from previous workings at the base. She was a hysterical wreck, and told him to get out of there right away, as he had no idea what he had just stumbled into. He asked what the matter was, and before she could get a word out, He heard a hiss. “What’s that S.O.B. doing here? Get him outta here!” It was the same menacing red-haired colonel that had threatened so many witnesses with death up to this point in the event. The mortician was literally picked up off his feet by MP’s on either arm, which then proceeded to throw him out of the base. The mortician then replied “You can’t treat me like this, I’m a civilian!” The colonel then threatened his life as well. Glenn told him to go eat it, and left the base in a hurry.

The nurse that the Glenn had run into in such a hysterical state, met him for coffee a few days later. She had explained that she was present as an assistant, working on one of the “alien” bodies, in an autopsy on the day he had stumbled into the base. According to Glenn, she said that the bodies were absolutely putrid an appearance, and in smell due to the day or two they had been cooking in the New Mexico desert sun. She pulled out a notepad and began to draw the four fingers of the “creature” for him. The “aliens” didn’t have thumbs on their hands, and had suction cups attached to the ends of their spindly fingers. According to the nurse, they weren’t green further confirming what Mac had told Frank Joyce the Roswell radio station owner, they were indeed grey.

A day or two later, the nurse was attempted to be reached again by the mortician. He had called the base, and asked for her. He was concerned for her mental well-being. He was told that she had been transferred to France, and that he wouldn’t be speaking with her that day. He did however, get an address for her in France, though not through the military I might add. He wrote her several letters, all of which came back with the words DECEASED stamped on the unopened letters.

Glenn Dennis is one of the few remaining firsthand witnesses to this insanity, still alive today. Why on Earth would he make something like this up? I am pretty sure his story isn’t filling his bank account with money, he still lives in Roswell, for crying out loud. No record of his friend has ever been found by his subsequent homework. It was as if she never existed at all. The military simply transferred her, and then erased her. This is not make-believe. I wish to God that it was. I am beginning to wonder who is more dangerous to us, our own military, or the “aliens” they are hiding through denial, supposedly to “protect” us from.

The Cover-up Was Born

Remember that an Army Air Field statement was released from the Army, to radio station KFGL owner Frank Joyce. It came from PIO Lt. Walter Haut. The Army press release had initially explained that the Army had “a crashed disc in its possession”, so that the story could be released to the public on the air. Now, on July 8, the same crashed saucer or disc story was also released (from RAAF) to the Roswell newspaper “The Roswell Daily Record”. The historic headline read verbatim:

“RAAF Captures Flying Disc on Ranch in Roswell19

Remember this very importantly slippery banana peel when it will soon come to the US military falling flat on their face in regards to the ridiculous explanations that are soon to follow. The Keystone Cops in the flesh for sure, but nowhere near as funny. Not funny at all.

On July 9, the very next day, the headlines all over the world, read something totally, and completely different. Miles apart from the original headlines going off of the Army press release. Not even on the same planet, literally. There, on the front page, was a photo of Senior Intelligence officer Jesse Marcel Sr. holding what appeared to be shredded pieces of a shiny radar reflector target, a common tool of RAAF at the time. They are indeed attached to weather balloons. This simple balsa wood and tin-foil radar target, no bigger (when it is whole) than a child’s kite, was being held by Jesse Sr. for the entire world to see. The photo was taken in the office of Brigadier General Roger Ramey, who answered only to President Truman.

Interesting to note is the apparent “brand new” quality of the radar target photographed that day. It looks like it was literally just taken out of the package it was shipped to the Air Field in. It certainly doesn’t show any dust, dirt or anything of the like that would and should be on a piece of a radar target that was supposedly downed in the desert lying for days in the heat of the New Mexico sun. It looks like a brand new radar target that was pulled out of its shipping package, shredded with scissors, and then spread out for the world to see as the “flying disc in the Army’s possession”. The Army saying this was indeed what was found that fateful day in July 1947 is hardly the truth at all. Wait though, for I am just getting started.

Apparently, according to Jesse Sr., the day the photo was taken (July 8) was the same day the press would soon be lined up outside the military office to get the juicy details of the “crashed saucer” story already released by the Army the day before, straight from the horse’s mouth. Before the press conference on the matter, Jesse Sr. was called into the office of General Ramey. According to the much later testimony (1984) given to Stanton Friedman by Marcel Sr., General Ramey informed Jesse Sr. that the matter was now a highly classified, ultra-sensitive subject, and that a secret cover-up was now in place to protect the Army’s butt from possible action by panic stricken citizens. Citizens the government were sure would soon be storming the nations authoritative positions in an attempt to save themselves from these “aliens” they knew for a fact, were now here crawling upon our Earth.

The brass were sure this would take place because of the premature release of the truth, from RAAF Commanding Officer Bull Blanchard, to Lt. Walter Haut, then in turn to the radio stations KFGL, KSWS, and then to the “Roswell Daily Record”. The story was subsequently released to media outlets all over the world. This was certainly the biggest story the world had ever known up until that point, by a longshot.

Just before the press conference on the matter, General Ramey said to Jesse Sr. behind closed doors in the General’s office, in order for the cover-up to work properly, Jesse Sr. was to pose in the (now famous) photo with a torn radar reflector. He told Jesse Sr. he was fully aware that this was not what Jesse Sr. had picked up on the Foster ranch. Ramey also told Jesse he was to keep his mouth shut, from here on out, as Ramey didn’t need to remind Jesse Sr. what happened to people who broke their security oath. They rot in Lebanworth for the rest of their remaining days.

Jesse Sr. of course did what he was told, and posed for the press with the false wreckage, who had gathered in droves because of the massive implications derived from the previous day’s front page headline. Note the wry smile on Jesse’s face in this now famous photo, as if to say to the world, “I’m sellin’, if you’re buyin”. Just like the cat that ate the canary. His face truly says it all.

To the press, this (so far) was the biggest story of all time, and they were not going to miss this release. Imagine the letdown, when Marcel came out of Ramey’s office with pieces of a common, every day, normal radar reflector. The following day, the headlines in papers all over the country read:

“Ramey Empties Saucer Report. Wreckage Just A Weather Balloon20”

The world let it go at that, and the story was forgotten, for a while. If the world’s most elite military unit at the time said it was so, then it was so. They had just won the biggest world conflict to date, not even two years earlier. That for the time being was that. People trusted the government in those days. That was the end of it, for the time being.

Not for me. For starters, I am part Cherokee Indian. I know all too well how the government works when it comes to achieving what their evil intent and greed propels them to do. This same government is the one that marched over 16,000 of my ancestors from their tribal lands inhabited for millennia, to ever shrinking government appointed wastelands in Oklahoma in possibly the most atrocious act of genocide this country has ever been responsible for.

Which by the way happened in the dead of winter because the military knew the march would kill of almost the entire lot of them in the process. As far as the military of the time were concerned, the less Cherokee that actually made it to Oklahoma, the better in their minds. It isn’t called the “Trail of Tears” because they were leaving their lands. It’s called that because the elders and children who did die along the way weren’t even allowed common burial. Their corpses were simply and tearfully covered with leaves on the side of the trail certain to be left for coyote and bear fodder. Needless to say I trust the government as far as I can throw them, which isn’t too far. They are liars, which I absolutely despise. Just like a certain rebel crew I know of. I wonder if the two parties get together for picnics and poetry. Or maybe they are one and the same?

Let me remind you how much the shadow government now in control of our once proud nation can be trusted. Let me also clarify something up front right here and now. I am not talking about all government officials, as I am sure that most of them are not privy to what is actually going on in the upper classified levels of these secretive information channels. The government is not a completely corrupt entity trying to enslave us through suppressing certain information. Neither is the military out to get us. I have an immeasurable amount of respect for the common American military foot soldiers of all branches which have valiantly and bravely served and defended this country where where the rubber meets the road.

Without these true American heroes, there would be no United States left. The non-brass is simply doing what they are told to do by the brass. A lot of them are doing their job honestly, as they are sworn and paid under oath to do. Yet there is a small group of parasites in control of certain information that are eating away at America, from the inside out furthering the rebel’s perpetuation plan for the deception of mankind, without even knowing it. Here is a little taste of just why I know this to be “the case at hand”.

Ultra Deadly

Since the Roswell event in 1947, the government (CIA) in the 1960’s has purposefully and secretly dosed their own military personnel with LSD just to see what would happen to them in a secret mind control experimental program called MK Ultra. The government was convinced they had a powerful mind weapon on their hands in LSD at this time in history. By the way, the service men (national heroes) were not told they were taking one of the most powerful hallucinogenic drugs on the planet. Some went absolutely crazy, because the evil people that dosed them – didn’t tell the servicemen they were taking deadly mind altering drugs. The evil people (CIA) who committed this atrocity actually filmed the “test” results. There is a good reason that this drug LSD is completely illegal today. It is one of the most powerful, deadly and dangerous drugs on the planet, that’s why.

On the now public footage, you can clearly see young, uniformed military men stumbling around in the woods (the “testing” grounds) being led by other officers as they are grabbing at hallucinations because they are tripping so hard they can’t even walk straight. Of course some of our revered national military heroes went insane. How could you not? One even tried to commit suicide years after the fact (probably due to recurring flash backs from the residual effects of taking LSD), in his front lawn, in front of his children. This is a fact, no matter how disgusting it sounds. Look it up. The illegal CIA project again, was called MK Ultra.

It was at first headed by an American named Frank Olsen who would himself turn up dead under mysterious circumstances. Frank was aware of CIA intelligence tools common at the time (torture, drug practices) because he was running the show for the CIA. Frank wanted out. The CIA could see this was the case, but was wary to let him go considering all that he knew. Frank was a liability.

The night before he was found dead on a New York sidewalk from a thirteen story “walkabout” out his hotel window, Frank had called his wife to say he would be home with the family the next day. She recalls how anxious he sounded to get back home to be at her side. He certainly didn’t sound to her like someone ready to end it all within just a few hours of that phone call that Frank made.

The family of Frank Olsen has never been satisfied with the government’s explanation of Frank’s “suicide”, and in much later years would actually file a wrongful death lawsuit against the government. The case was eventually settled out of court for $750,000. No mention of murder charges has ever been brought up, but a settlement in my mind is just as good as a videotaped confession. It is an admission of guilt, plain and simple.

How did the American public become aware of this atrocity donned MK Ultra, and eternal embarrassment to the American people? The CIA sure didn’t tell us. The CIA destroyed all the documentation on this project, except for one box of incriminating evidence that gives their corrosively evil nature away. However, in their super-intelligent work of covering their tracks, some CIA genius left a box of papers, which also contained the now public film out of the fire, only to surface later and clue us in on the pure evil that’s now in control of this once great, once honest country. Our forefathers are absolutely rolling in their graves, over and over and over, again.

This is just one of the sadistic things the government in the past has done, using our hard earned money to pay for. Imagine what their evil nature has done that we don’t know about? It makes me shudder, and then shudder some more to even think about.

God Bless the U.S.A. Proud and patriotic citizens of this once great country of America, you have to now WAKE UP!! I am not trying to demonize the shady, evil people actually in command of us, our money, and our beautiful country. These demons do a perfectly good job of that on their own. If they will dose their own service men with LSD, without telling them, causing some of them to literally go insane, never to be the same again, what is it that makes you think that they wouldn’t lie to us concerning anything?

Just like at Roswell, the government is hiding all the best information regarding this phenomenon we call UFO’s ever to be catalogued within our government’s classified information channels. Jimmy Carter can testify to this fact. Listen to this.

When Jimmy Carter was the governor of Georgia, he had a dusk (7:15 P.M.) sighting of a UFO in southern Georgia, along with 30 other members of the Lyons Club at that time. He actually filed a report with the government which can be found easily online here.21 A skeptic named Robert Schaeffer (probably a government disinformation agent) has since claimed that Carter saw the planet Venus, and not a UFO. Read the words out of Carter’s own mouth, and tell me what you think. Here is transcript from an interview in which Carter once talked about it.

“It was the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors (blue to red to white), and it was about the size of the moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing’s for sure: I’ll never make fun of people who say they’ve seen unidentified flying objects in the sky.”

– Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter following his sighting along with many others (30) of a UFO at Leary, Georgia in October 1969.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally seen the planet Venus in the month of January before, and every time I have seen it, it has most definitely changed from blue to red to white, every single time. It’s really amazing. I wish all the planets did that! It’s like our own personal fireworks show in the sky! Like I said, this fool Schaeffer is probably a government disinformation agent, they most certainly do exist. Guess who pays their salary? You and me, that’s who.

When Carter was running for the Presidency in the mid 1970’s, Spielberg’s movie Close Encounters was about to hit the theaters, and the country was absolutely alien crazy. Carter promised in his campaign, that if he acquired the Presidency, he would release the classified UFO files to the public. This may have had a major part in him actually becoming President. When he became President, he went to the head of the CIA at that time, which was George Bush Sr., and asked for the UFO files to be released to the public. Bush told him no. What? Wait a second. Who is actually in charge here, The CIA or the President? I didn’t think we taxpaying citizens voted for the head of the CIA? Maybe we should, we might be in a little better shape.

Despite his earlier pledge, once elected, Carter distanced himself from UFO disclosure, publicly citing “defense implications” as being behind his decision not to disclose the UFO files. But wait a second. I thought Project Bluebook was disbanded in 1969 (only 7 years earlier) because the UFO’s were shown “not to be a threat to national security”? I’m a little confused here Uncle Sam. Oh well, we will find out soon enough what’s really going on here, of that I am sure. For now, let us now look at these series of events in Roswell that had led us up to this point in our journey, one at a time:

For starters, both Jesse Sr., and Jesse Jr., both have said, that the now famous picture of the (brand new) radar reflector that was taken that day in Ramey’s office, was definitely not the wreckage that they both handled in July 1947. Second, Marcel Sr., before his death, did finally break his security oath bringing the public eye back to Roswell with accompanying relevant questions pertaining to inconsistencies already on record. Marcel Sr. was adamant about the fact that Ramey had told him that there was a cover-up now in place back in 1947, a day after the event- and that would be the end of it. Marcel Sr. was later promoted to Major, for doing such a good job of following orders and keeping his mouth shut to the truth, almost to the very end of his life (1984).

Marcel Sr. only “came out” after he had long since retired, and knew he was well on his way out of this world. Marcel Sr. (after breaking his security oath in 1984), never once retracted his story that he was involved in a cover-up. Why would he say there was a cover-up that he was involved in, if there wasn’t? He wouldn’t. People don’t get rich from these kinds of stories, they get laughed at all the way down the block.

Marcel Sr. lived his dying days in the same farmhouse that he originally showed the true wreckage to his son in, in 1947. He wasn’t living in Beverly Hills when he died, eating off of solid gold dinner plates, with a roll of $100 bills nearby to wipe the crumbs from his mouth. He was as broke as you or I. Thanks a lot, NASA (This statement will make as perfect sense to you by the end of chapter 17, as it does to me now).

This fact alone in itself is a smoking gun. Just one though, the government has a cabinet full of them when it comes to what came down in Roswell in 1947. So hot, the smoke can be seen and followed for miles and miles. I am still just getting started blowing the lid off of this dumpster full of lies regarding Roswell and life “outside of Earth”, and later, streaming continually for over 40 years from the double sided face of NASA.

Why would this old, dying man in Marcel Sr. lie? So people could laugh at him, and call him a kook? I don’t think so. He wouldn’t have a thing to gain by lying, except constant ridicule, everywhere he went from that point forward. He was telling the truth, just like his son, Jesse Jr. who is also adamant to this very day, that the wreckage Ramey gave Jesse Sr. to pose with as the foundation of the cover-up, was definitely not the wreckage he saw in the early morning of July, 1947 in his farmhouse.

How about considering the fact just for a moment, that the 509th Senior Intelligence officer Jesse Marcel Sr., actually went to radar school as a young military cadet. He was formally trained not only in the use of weather balloons and radar targets and reflectors, but in every component and piece of material that made these primitive radar tools up. Saying that he would “mistakenly identify” a radar target for a flying saucer from another world, is utterly and completely ridiculous, as well as incredibly insulting. There is not a chance that this could have actually been the case here.

Now, listen closely, because I will only say this once. I am not a trained physicist, but I am preeetty sure I got this one right when I say that weather balloons, or balloons of any sort for that matter, don’t “crash”, they “land”. I don’t care how big they are. Balloons float in the air. They are made of very thin rubber, and are almost lighter than air. They have to be, because they float in the air.

If you are still having trouble believing this to be the case here, then try this on for size. I’ve got a simple science experiment for you that might help you to understand the astounding lunacy of this government claim regarding Roswell. If nothing else, picture this scenario in your mind’s eye for just a moment.

Go blow a balloon up in your front lawn, tie it off, and then shoot it with a BB gun. Better yet, blow one up (with air, not helium) and let that balloon go from your hand to the ground, but watch out, you better run away as quick as you possibly can, because the resulting “explosion” will be beyond fierce and could blow your legs clean off when it finally hits the ground due to the enormous propulsion capability of a common balloon!

Also, you better make sure you get a cleanup crew consisting of your entire neighborhood to help you out after your little experiment, because the 200ft. wide, ¾ mile long debris field from a single balloon “crash” is going to be extremely tough to clean up on your own. It might take you days to get that mess off your block. Just don’t let on to the fact that it was you that caused this tremendous amount of damage from a single balloon “crash”.

Really though, let go of that inflated balloon from your hand and see what happens. It isn’t going to “crash” people! Airplanes and structured metal objects “crash”. Saying that balloons “crash” is like saying that feathers “crash” into the ground when you drop one from your hand. This explanation is beyond ludicrous, at best. Balloons the size of those used at the time, or ones the size of Kansas for that matter, don’t leave debris fields 200 yards in width, and 3/4 of a mile long when they “crash”. Do you think that civilians would be threatened to be killed in horrific ways if they spoke about a weather or spy balloon they had seen parts of? Come on. Wake up, people. It wasn’t a balloon of any sort. Not even close.

Also, the material that Marcel was instructed to pose with in the now famous photo placed in the papers with the retracting statement of a weather balloon, was not a weather balloon, it was a radar reflector. The recall of the story in the papers the next day after the original saucer story release from the government read: “Saucer just a weather balloon”, not “Saucer just a radar reflector”. I know that you need a balloon to float the reflector, but which is it? What did you guys actually find out there find the desert? Was it a “flying saucer” from another planet like your original press release from the Army said it was? Was it a radar reflector? Or was it a weather balloon? Which one is it? What’s really going on here guys?

They are clearly lying to us. That being said, if this cover-up was going to work, according to Ramey, he needed something for Jesse to pose with that was similar to the strange wreckage that so many civilians – had already seen. And he needed it fast. It worked perfectly, for a little while. Unfortunately for these guys holding their esteemed positions inside the Brass collective however, I happen to be a little smarter than the average bear. It sure didn’t fool me, and anyone else who can add 2 and 2 together for that matter. The correct answer – is 4 – .

If you do the research, which I have, thoroughly, you will find that protocol in the 40’s, when it came to floating weather balloons or test balloons of any sort back then, was to stamp PROPERTY OF U.S. ARMY, RETURN TO RAAF IF FOUND on them. The “Top Secret” weather balloon project, was sooo classified, the airfield’s (RAAF) address was printed on them so you could mail them back to them if you found them. Not hieroglyphics from some bizarre unreadable “alien” language.

Weather balloons came down all the time in those days, and if you did find one on your property, they wanted you to send it back to them so they wouldn’t have to pay for another one. Weather balloons also don’t have “memory metal” or unburnable or unbreakable components in their primitive make-up (as far as I know anyway).

Also, I am pretty sure that both Jesse Jr., Jesse Sr., the Senior Intelligence Officer for RAAF, and Mac Brazel could both read. Except when it came to “alien hieroglyphics” that were clearly seen by Mac, Marcel Jr., and Sr.. So this fact alone, again says that the government is clearly lying to us. And we are letting them get away with it, and have been, for the last 60+ years. But wait, there is even more garbage yet to be thrown our way, ready to be taken to the dump where it belongs. It’s going to get a whole lot more incriminating from here on out. The evidence pile will grow so high, it’s going to bust out of the house are reading this book in, just like Jack’s magic beanstalk.

Now, never mind anything and everything you have just read regarding this incident, for just a moment, and listen close once again. This is the most poignant fact of many in my mind when it comes to what actually happened at Roswell. It is as follows: The fact that we are supposed to and been asked to believe by the government, that the Senior intelligence officer (who was thoroughly trained and graduated from radar school for crying out loud), of the most elite bomber group in the world, at that time, can’t tell the difference between a common radar reflector (or a weather balloon) that he sees everyday (and has for years) and a spaceship from another world???

This is an incredibly offensive insult to those men, who were and still are heroes of the world, and an even bigger insult, to my intelligence, and the intelligence of the citizens of the United States of America. I guess we aren’t so united after all. Did I mention yet, that the government has since changed their story three times already when it comes to what actually came down near Roswell? Oh yeah, there are not even good liars. You can clearly see that they are lying to us, it really couldn’t be any clearer. In order to see it though, you kind of need to look first. So let’s do that, shall we?

Now we look at the 4 different ridiculous explanations that have since been released by the government (AF) when it comes to what actually came down at Roswell. You are gonna love this. These clowns can’t even get their story straight.

Listen up USAF Brass, this may actually prove to be of some help regarding your deceptive causes in the future. Rule no. 1 when attempting to tell a lie (and I truly can’t believe I have to tell these guys this):

If you are going to tell a lie, create just one story and stick to it, so that the people you are lying to – won’t actually realize that you are lying to them.

It really is “lying 101” or better yet, kindergarten for deceivers. For as much as they lie to us, you would think that they would be a little bit better at it by now. I guess it is like my beloved late great-grandmother used to tell me, “Daniel, common sense just ain’t that common.” God bless her soul. I sure do miss her.


(4) Government Explanations Regarding the Event at Roswell:

Which One is it?

1. A “Flying Saucer” from another world:

On July 6th, we know for a fact that RAAF PIO Walter Haut released a statement to KGFL Radio employee Frank Joyce. This public release from the Army was given to PIO Walter Haut by Colonel Blanchard, of the Army Air Corps., his commanding officer, stating that the Army had “IN IT’S POSSESSION” a flying disc or flying saucer, the likes of which were being seen in incredible numbers all across the country. It seemed like at that time, you couldn’t look up at the skies and not see one (853 reports in one year, 1947).

Fact: The initial “saucer” story was given by the Army, to Roswell radio stations KFGL, KSWS, and the “Roswell Daily Record” newspaper, all of the media outlets within Roswell at the time. Walter Haut, as well as countless (hundreds) others in direct contact with either wreckage, or bodies related to the incident has declared this to their dying day. This is what actually happened in early July of 1947.

2. A Weather Balloon:

According to Marcel Sr., on July 8th, Marcel was told by General Ramey the matter was classified, and that a cover-up was being put in place. He was instructed to pose with wreckage of an actual radar reflector, not a weather balloon, to dispel the enormous growing worldwide hype beginning to snowball as a result of the truth being prematurely released to the Roswell media outlets at that time by Col. Bull Blanchard. Marcel Sr. claimed to his dying day that the wreckage he posed with, was definitely not the debris from the Foster Ranch, and that he was told by General Roger Ramey that he was to be part of the government cover-up. A cover up boldly stating the wreckage was just that of a “weather balloon” (Whoops! Our bad! – Army Air Force of 1947), and not a “flying saucer” from another world. Jesse Jr., to this day, states also that the famous photo of the false wreckage is not the wreckage he inspected that night at 2 A.M. in his Roswell farm house, when his dad came and woke him up and said to him: “Come look at this, you will never see it again, I think it’s parts from a flying saucer.”

3. Project Mogul:

Early in 1994, in reaction to continuing insistence that a cover-up existed, Representative Steven H. Schiff of New Mexico asked the General Accounting Office – the investigative arm of Congress – to urge the Pentagon to declassify documents relating to Roswell. In response, Secretary of the Air Force Sheila E. Widnall ordered that the Air Force investigation and report be as thorough as possible. The results of that investigation were reported in a box on the front page of The New York Times in late September that same year. According to the Times, “The wreckage, quickly whisked away by the Air Force, was part of an airborne system for atomic-age spying” called Project Mogul, not a weather balloon as originally “lied” to the public. The Times article continued:

Balloon-launched, its purpose was to search high in the atmosphere for weak reverberations from nuclear blasts…half a world away. The debris (according to the Air Force’s third explanation so far – Author), found near Roswell, N.M., was a smashed part of the program’s balloon’s sensors (which must have occurred from the thousands of miles an hour descent into the desert, that balloons usually exhibit as a flight characteristic, when the Mogul balloon “crashed” right? Does anyone else see how THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE? – Author), and, of most consequence to the growth of spaceship theories, radar reflectors made of thin metal foil22 (they most certainly are, but I was not aware of any “radar reflectors” made on Earth that couldn’t be torn, broken, burned, or that possessed “memory metal” or “alien hieroglyphics” in their primitive make-up – Author).

As far as the “most consequence to the growth of spaceship theories” referring to the “thin metal foil” part of The Times article goes, of this, the Air Force Brass and I actually see eye to eye on this one point. No, seriously, I can’t tell you how many times in the last week alone, I have been absolutely terrified to open my pantry door, because of the hostile spaceship from another world that lives in the Reynolds Wrap box upon that cabinet shelf. I might actually starve before I even finish writing this book, because I just don’t know about that roll of tin-foil in there. If it sees me open that door one more time, it might be the last time I ever open it due to the “alien” death ray I am convinced will come shooting out of that long thin cardboard box, reducing me to nothing more than a smoldering pile of hungry ashes. What? That’s never, ever happened to you? Just forget I ever said that. Back to the 1994 New York Times article:

At the time (in 1947), the Air Force said the wreckage was that of a weather balloon, “a white lie”, (I thought a lie, was a lie? – Author) the Times piece continued: “But over the decades, the incident grew to mythic dimensions among flying-saucer cultists, who spun slim evidence into weighty charges…. On Sept. 8, after an eight-month investigation, the Air Force issued a report and a number of thick appendices that to all appearances deflate the conspiracy theory once and for all.24

Slim evidence, huh? Case closed right? Wait just a second. Did the Air Force say in the above article from The Times, that they had told a white lie? If they admit they lied in 1947 about the true nature of what happened, and never told us at all about Project MK Ultra, how can I believe anything that comes out of these liars’ mouths? Oh, that’s right. I don’t, because they have already admitted to the CIA dosing our very own servicemen (without their knowledge) with deadly psychological drugs only after the film was leaked by the humongous genius of the CIA! Sorry guys, but half of the truth is indeed a whole lie.

For starters, let me clear something up for you regarding the “Ultra-Top Secret” Project Mogul. Many Mogul apparatus’ were lost in the 1940’s during their voyages. They were actually designed to be set free and never heard from again. Dozens of them were lost and not given a flying flip about. According to documents recently released by the government, the Roswell Mogul balloon train was the only one (out of dozens lost) important enough to retrieve in a sadistic, threatening manner. Why is that? If it actually was Mogul that crashed in the desert in 1947, why not just release the weather balloon story to the public and be done with it?

Why release the “flying saucer” story to the press in the first place? To cover-up Project Mogul? Not a chance. A “flying saucer” story at the time in context to all the sightings that were taking place in 1947 was beyond sensational. Think about it from the perspective of the government trying to cover-up Project Mogul, and not a “flying saucer”. If it was Mogul that “crashed”, then let’s create the biggest buzz possible by releasing this “flying saucer” nonsense so that the world won’t be able to figure out we were spying on the Russians. Give me a break already!

The Top Secret Project Mogul was a massive balloon system designed to detect Soviet nuclear testing. It was a rather large balloon train and apparatus consisting of simple balsa wood fragments and simple string and foil targets. With that being said, did the supposed secrecy of Mogul really deserve the unjustified treatment of civilians in a despicable and evil manner? Or did it warrant the utmost secrecy in its retrieval? I mean, it wasn’t like we had a community of Russians living in Roswell that had to remain in the dark to the fact that the US government was watching their homeland in the 1940’s.

News flash: The Russians knew we were watching them in the 40’s. They were also watching us.

Another news flash hot off the wire: it was called “THE COLD WAR”.
That if this community of Russians spying in Roswell in 1947 found out about Project Mogul, they would write home and tell the Russian government that we were watching them? Of course we were watching them. They had nuclear capability and so did we. How stupid do these guys think I am? I am pretty sure that this wasn’t the case here. Besides, if this is what happened, why did we need yet another explanation (only 3 years later) brought to our attention as to what really happened at Roswell? Is it maybe because they are lying to us? You be the judge.

No authentic documentation from 1947 has ever been brought forth from the Air Force, that clearly shows Mogul was indeed the balloon that “crashed” at Roswell, NOTHING. Their word is all that we have. This is partly due to the fact that all incoming RAAF base transmissions and documents regarding base operations from July, 1947, to the end of December 1947, have inexplicably been destroyed. Freedom of Information requests have been denied due to this convenient mishap.

Again, the word of the government is all we have to go on regarding what really happened in July of 1947. Unfortunately, their track record to this point won’t allow me to just believe them, at all. If the Air Force states (lies) that Mogul is what it was that “crashed” outside of Roswell, then show me the authentic documentation of the time in black and white. I don’t want to see documents printed in 1994 that tells me what actually happened in 1947. If that is indeed what happened back then, simply show me the documents, unless of course they don’t exist? They don’t, or we the public would have seen them by now, effectively squashing this “alien spaceship” garbage right then and there.

4. Anthropomorphic “Dummies” Attached to Balloons:

This is the best one yet, and certainly the most stupendously ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. The apparent lack of simple reasoning and deduction of the real people in control is going to shine for the entire world to see. Take a good look at this evidence of pure “genius” at work. The powerhouse of intelligence in control of our best weaponry, and more importantly, our hard earned money, is about to be embarrassingly unveiled.

On July 4, 1997, on the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash, the US government/Air Force held a press conference three years after they had released their last “explanation”. If people were expecting an amazing or shocking revelation, they were quite disappointed. The big “revelation” was that the Roswell crash actually involved yet a different kind of “balloon” (the 3rd to date, Huh???) then what they had previously claimed three different times already. According to the AF, this giant balloon supposedly carried some dummies/human mannequins into the air, and these mannequins, when the balloon “crashed” near Roswell, accounted for the so-called bodies recovered by the military at that time.

Some in the media, particularly popular Coast-to-Coast radio host Art Bell, and others who had actually done their homework, wondered out loud why the picture of the balloon, with mannequins, was of a kind that did not exist in 1947, but was developed instead in the early 1950’s. Bell and others questioned aloud why the Air Force didn’t, or couldn’t, come up with a picture of a 1940’s era balloon to back up their “new” claims.

Another News Flash Just In: Air Force records clearly show that the “dummies” weren’t dropped out of planes by the AF for the first time, until 1953. I hate to tell the Air Force this (and really can’t believe that I have to), the ROSWELL INCIDENT HAPPENED IN 1947. Not only that, the dummies in question here were 6 feet tall! Not the size of “small children”.

A reporter at the press conference asked how the dummies could possibly explain an event that happened 6 years before the dummies were actually dropped for the first time in USAF history. The Air Force Brass leading the charge, could do nothing but hang his head in disbelief in the fact that he was such a mountain of genius, he didn’t notice this blatant spoken contradiction (lie) his superiors had set him up for. He literally hung himself out to dry, for everyone watching to see. What a complete and total clown. They are all clowns (Note to USAF: I think Phineas T. Barnum is requesting your presence under the big top yet again. You wouldn’t want to keep the boss man waiting, now. Hold on a second; don’t forget your oversized shoes, red rubber nose, and your squirting flower. Leave the monkey here, because he is wanted at his position answering the phones in the NASA office of public affairs. With no monkey present there is no one to answer the lines currently ringing off the hook. You know, all the calls currently flooding the wires regarding the “UNKNOWNS” in almost every shuttle footage taken to date. With your pet monkey here and not there answering the NASA phones, people are starting to get a little suspicious. I’ll make you a deal: If you put on a good enough show for the paying public, you will be reunited with the monkey shortly. How are you doing so far with the show for the people that pay your salary? Not so good.).

If anything, all this tells me (yet again), is that the AF Brass are lying to us, when it comes to what actually happened at Roswell, again, and again, and again, and again. Please, make it stop, my head hurts. I don’t want to ride the lying-go-round anymore. It wasn’t even fun the first time the USAF took us all for a ride. More or less the third!

FOIA Released “Blacked Out” Documentation Regarding Roswell

Stanton Friedman in research for his book Crash at Corona used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in or around 1994 to get try to get at the fog cloaked truth surrounding Roswell, straight from the horse’s mouth. He obtained through the FOIA almost 60 pages of material related to the Roswell event that had been “declassified”. I am sure he was not surprised; that no less than 75% of the material he was given was actually (conveniently) blacked out by magic marker. 75% of the material related to Roswell could not be read, at all!

Now, and I know I am way out on a limb here, simply hear me out. The Top Secret Project Mogul that the government claimed on their third version of what actually happened was declassified in the early 1970’s. Why, if this was indeed Project Mogul which crashed in the deserts of New Mexico, and not a weather balloon, not a radar reflector, not anthropomorphic dummies, or a “flying saucer” either, do we get 75% of the material related to that almost 30 year long dead project we know as “Project Mogul”, blacked out after 25 years of already being declassified? Not only did that, but the 25% that you could read, did not say a single word about Project Mogul.

Why is that I wonder, if Mogul is what actually crashed at Roswell? I know you aren’t going to be able to guess what I will say next. Ok, maybe you will. Is it because they are lying to us about what happened at Roswell, again, and again, and again, and again? I said I wanted off this crazy lying contraption! I think I’m going to be sick. You AF Brass listen about as well as you lie!

The blacked out documents do prove one thing, but not about Roswell (except of course for the fact that they are lying about what actually crashed there in 1947). There certainly is no such thing as “freedom of information” in America when it comes to the government. Apparently not even when it is relating to (or is supposed to) a 25 year old declassified and dead program called “Project Mogul”. The Soviets weren’t even a nation, and hadn’t been for almost 10 years, when the “Roswell Mogul blacked out” documents were acquired by Friedman in 1994. Granted the cold war didn’t completely end until 1991, but still. After three years of the cold war being completely over we still can’t see the documentation regarding Roswell in its entirety? I can understand if it is the Aurora craft, or something currently being developed for the security of our homeland, but a 25 year old DEAD PROGRAM? It doesn’t make any sense, at all. Unless it was a crashed saucer like the original Army Air Field release said it was? Again, you be the judge.

If Roswell did involve the Mogul balloon, or dummies dropped from balloons that didn’t exist in 1947, or a weather balloon, or a radar reflector, why is that material blacked out (75% of it no less) in the FOI released documentation rendering it almost completely unreadable outside of the date and time?? Let us read all 60 of these documents relating to this incident, not just 25% of them. If you really have nothing to hide, why black out any of the 60 pages? We already know when the Roswell event happened, but according to the last Air Force press conference regarding Roswell, the Air Force has apparently already forgotten.

It doesn’t matter that our legislation has passed a bill that demands civilians be kept in the know when it comes to just what it is our hard earned money is paying for. This country was originally founded on the principles of democracy, and most importantly, honesty. It is apparent from just the blacked out documents relating to Roswell, that the entire population of Americans, are nothing more than mongoloid children in the eyes of our governmental elders. Mongoloid children who need to be told what they can and can’t watch on the television called Earth. Is this really a democracy? Sounds to me more like a dictatorship, or better yet, a monarchy, reigning over a feudal system. One that takes it upon themselves (the Lords) to decide what we, the lowly serfs or peons of America, can and can’t see. We as Americans are free alright, to do as we are told by the government, that is. That sure doesn’t seem to resemble freedom that much to me. What do you think?

Please tell me that you guys can clearly see that there is some actual truth at the core of all this deception laced multiple explanation game they are playing with us. Something is going on here besides a radar reflector, or a weather balloon that “crashed”, or a Top Secret 25 year old declassified and dead program balloon that “crashed”, or anthropomorphic dummies dropped from balloons that didn’t even exist until after 1953, when the Roswell event was already 7 years old that “crashed” in the deserts of New Mexico, or in the blacked out documents released by the “Freedom” of Information Act? Please tell me I am not the only one who clearly sees that it was a UFO and its crew that clearly crashed in the desert of Roswell New Mexico in 1947 just like the original Army Air Force press release said it was. I hope that I am not alone. Please tell me I am not alone. I don’t believe in Mongoloids. Evolution is a lie. Don’t prove these people right in their assumption of you.

I know the truth, and I can’t make it any clearer for you guys, honestly. I am doing all I possibly can to help you all see the light. Please understand that I certainly don’t want any of this to be the case, at all.

I don’t want to believe that what is really going on is actually going on. But it is, and what you or I want, doesn’t change the fact of what is actually going on here. I don’t want to believe in all this “alien” garbage. I just want to live my life in peace. The problem is though, the rebels aren’t going to let that happen for me, or you, or anyone who now walks the Earth, from here on out. It is what it is. Nothing can change that. Except God himself, and trust me, He is not going to stand for this much longer.

I don’t want to believe that the world is on its way out, and that we are about to witness the most bizarre and terrifying episode the Earth has ever known. If I just choose to forget what I know in my heart of hearts to be true, I am just another one of the “sheeple” being led to its bloody demise. I can’t let that happen, to me, or anyone that I know, or don’t know for that matter. Why do you think I am writing this book? I can assure you with all certainty it isn’t to make money. I already have a job, and am doing just fine. God has, and will continue to, provide for me every single day of my life. Besides, just having this book printed, is costing me thousands of dollars of my own money. I can promise you that this publication is not going to make me rich.

The reason I am writing this book, is because the whole world will be soon caught off guard, and I will do everything in my power to wake as many people up as I can. I believe with all that I am that I am acting in obedience and in accordance with the Will of God for my life. I will not stop talking about this until there is no more breath left in these once handicapped lungs.

I can’t make you believe what you don’t want to. To be totally frank and honest with you, what you believe is of absolutely no consequence to me whatsoever. I don’t care what you believe. It is none of my business. If people want to ignore me and just look the other way? That’s more than fine with me. I won’t have any problem sleeping at night, because I will have done everything that God has asked me to do in writing this book. My hands and my conscience will be absolutely clean. I will have done my part, and the rest will be up to God. I have full and total faith in His power, and abilities. He won’t ever let His true children down. This only applies however, if you give Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, the respect and praise they rightfully deserve. If you don’t give them the respect they deserve? You are on your own friend. Considering what is transpiring all around us at this very moment in time? That is a very scary thought. The thought actually couldn’t be any scarier.

If you think seeing these incredibly advanced “things” now flying circles around our best technology at the moment before they disappear is scary? Just wait until they actually land and begin to divulge to the public masses just what it is that they actually want from us. Talk about freaky. Hollywood has got nothing on what is actually going to go down on this planet very, very soon.

Why the Cover-up?

The reason for the cover-up is this. There was technology beyond our comprehension at work in the craft(s) that did crash near Roswell. We (the military) already knew these saucers were real, before they ever crashed into the southwest. A memo written by General Nathan Twining dated Sept. 23, 1947 (only months after Roswell), which, in regard to all the flying saucer reports (hundreds) of May-July 1947, stated that “The phenomenon is something REAL and not visionary or fictitious.” He then went on to describe how the saucers were large, metallic, highly maneuverable, evasive, flew in formation, and exhibited extreme rates of climb.

Twining’s memo had been prompted by Gen. George Schulgen, asst. Chief of Staff for Air Intelligence, who asked him for further information on July 30, 1947. Schulgen and his staff, concerned about the massive number of sightings and their implications for national security, had already conducted their own preliminary investigation of the saucer reports during July. The existence of this study was denied by Air Force spokesmen for the next 30 years until forced into the open by the Freedom of Information Act in 1976, effectively proving the Air Force was lying in this regard also.

Almost 900 “flying saucer” reports were taken in America in 1947. Sure, some could most definitely be explained away as natural or man-made causes, but what about the ones that couldn’t? “They” were being tracked on radar in the days leading up to the fiasco called the Roswell Event getting dangerously close to our Top Secret nuclear testing facilities at White Sands, and Alamogordo. “They” were clocked on radar around these ultra-sensitive sites running at speeds up to 3000 MPH. These ultra-sensitive locales were where the first atomic bombs were detonated in the history of the world. “They” would appear on radar near our nuclear testing sights, and then simply disappear into thin air (what a neat trick!).

They were at first thought by the brass to be Soviet in origin coming up from South America. The military was more than ready when these tracked craft actually crashed in New Mexico to swoop in and find out just what was going on. The military got a whole lot more than they bargained for. The space craft that crashed at Roswell were clocked at 1000 mph on radar before they hit the ground. They were making hairpin turns at 3000 mph on radar. “They” were everywhere leading up to the point of Roswell.

It’s like this. The military Brass knew that they could:

1) possibly shoot these things down and figure out how they work, or

2) one of them had to crash at some point.

There were just too many in the skies at that time for one to not come down. These were craft that could run circles around even our best fighter jets at the time. As far as I am aware, we had yet to run into these “aliens” in person before Roswell, or had we?

The point is, if these things were hostile, which the Mantell incident would indeed prove not only to the military, but to the public as well that they definitely were, we knew we needed their technology to protect us from them. We needed “their” warfare technology. To protect the American people from a threat, which the government was, and still is – denying even exists. Why would they deny such a claim? They continue to deny it is indeed reality because they can’t do anything to stop these “things” from ruling our skies (or us if “they” wanted to), then or even now. The public cannot be clued in to the actual inferiority of our own most technologically advanced military on the face of the Earth. Just deny, deny, deny.

However, the military through all their consistent denials understood that these “aliens” recovered at Roswell in 1947 had to have weaponry, and we wanted it, badly. We could also use “their” technology against our Earthly enemies. Not only that, but you can’t tell secrets to your friends and hope your enemies don’t find out. No, you deny the secret at all costs so that way it stays secret. We are a power hungry, greedy nation who won’t settle for being anything else than no. 1. This mentality will ultimately spell doom for our country. As we will soon see together, the technology contained in those craft we “found” at Roswell would absolutely blow our minds. It still is to this very day.

As far as the angelic rebels were concerned, and a need to put their bio-engineered “aliens” into the desert in 1947 for our later technological “benefit”, they could clearly see the turmoil beginning in the Middle East that eventually would become the nation of Israel in 1948. This major event in world history took place less than a year later after these “saucers” were so conveniently
given to us. Israel became a nation the very same year Marina Popovich claims the Russians encountered their own downed extra-terrestrial spacecraft. This again is not coincidence. Listen closely yet again.

The Prophecy Fulfilled


Biblical end time prophecy in 1947 was very close to being fulfilled. Fulfillment of prophecy Christ Himself spoke that would assure the rebels that the time of their eternal demise was near. Very near. Don’t worry, I will explain myself fully, in just a moment.

“They” had to act quickly. Remember that the rebels and their cowardly evil leader, Satan, are fully aware of the power of the Scriptures, and the prophecy within which spells their doom in the end of days for man. The timeline for their doom is indeed locked inside the Bible. Satan himself quoted scripture when he tempted Jesus in his 40 days and nights on the mountain top. Satan can quote the Bible from front to back. He has to know it, because when we Christians use it as a weapon against his evil temptations, he runs for the hills like the true coward he really is.

For “aliens” to appear in the skies near our nuclear testing sights would only further cement their lie. The lie that they were indeed from somewhere in the deep outer reaches of the galaxy. Curious super-intelligent “aliens” not wanting us to destroy our world with nuclear weaponry (because “they” care about us so much), that surely could be seen far and wide throughout our galaxy from our atomic testing being carried out at White Sands, and Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The rebels and Satan don’t know the exact date of their demise, but they can clearly see the signs, just as you or I can, spelled out in the Bible in black and white plain as day. The rebels must be ready when it comes, and mankind must be fully conditioned and tricked into believing the great lie. It is almost here, and they know it. In their twisted spiritual minds, they might actually think they can defeat God and His angels. They are sorely mistaken.

Jesus gives us only one chronological clue about the times of the end in the Bible. It can be found in the book of Luke. Specifically He speaks about the time of His return in the end of days for mankind and what to look for to know He is close to returning. When his disciples ask Him what to look for at His coming return, He says (and prophesies):

“Jerusalem shall be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled (emphasis added).” Luke 21:4

And then he says something very interesting. He says:

“Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all (emphasis added) things take place.” Luke 21:32.

When you read the chronology right, Jesus says that the end of the age of the Gentiles is accompanied by the Jewish re-establishment of Jerusalem, which is followed by signs in Heaven and Earth, and, that the generation then living will not die off until the fulfillment of all things takes place. Now here is the really wild part. Israel was “reborn” as a nation again in 1948. Less than a year after these “alien” saucer(s) came down in the deserts around Roswell, New Mexico and the same year one came down in the Russia.

Israel is now a nation again, after over 2000 years. A generation is anywhere from 80-110 years. According to Christ, we have until no later than around 2060 until His glorious return, sparking the (Alien) New World Order, in turn sparking Armageddon. This is (chillingly enough) the exact same number Sir Isaac Newton came to using his ingenious method of deciphering hidden codes locked within the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon mentioned in the Bible. To me, this is utterly fascinating and completely mind blowing.

The rebel’s days are numbered, and are very short. It won’t be long at all, and they know it. So now is the time that man must quickly be led to believe that the truth of evolution is apparent in the rebels mutated genetic bio-engineered “alien” created freak show’s bodies. God, (according to the lie) cannot exist. Pushing man further and further away from He who wants nothing more than for us to willingly believe, and willingly praise and worship Him.

“They” want us to know who gave us this incredible computer and laser technology that now rules our world. But only when “they” say the time is right. I don’t need to remind anyone yet again, of the panic that swept the nation during Orson Welles radio broadcast “War of the Worlds”, in 1938. We must be fully conditioned as a species in order for the rebel angels plan to work. They don’t want panic when they finally reveal their reality to the public eye, they want praise. They need their computer technology to rule our world before the “Grand Reveal” takes place. It already does. It has only taken 50 years to do so since the “discovery” of the integrated circuit chip found in the Roswell craft(s). We are almost ready. Their time is almost nigh.

The rebels see that if they reveal just a small “seed” of their true knowledge of the secrets of the universe in 1947, and watch us (from behind their dimensional barrier) use it to better our civilization, we will be eating out of their genetically mutated freak show’s four fingered, thumb less grey hands when they finally “land” once and for all. We won’t be scared by their angelically created freak show appearance, if we are praising the heavens for their technology which makes our lives so much easier. We will think that they are hideous, but we sure won’t be able to deny their knowledge and power, or “their” existence.

We have certainly been using “their” technology to our “benefit” for the last 60 or more years. They will soon come down and tell us just that. We will be like dogs on a leash, if you believe the lie, which is just what they want. How do I know that these “seeds” of our incredible modern technological advance came from the Roswell event? Pay attention, and listen carefully yet again.

Let me begin to introduce you to the man whose story and secretive work inside the Pentagon during the 1950’s, helped change the face of our world technology forever, only furthering the plan of the dark rebels. If my current blasting of the governments deceptive actions didn’t prove that they were then and still are, lying about Roswell then and now, than this hero’s story should do it.

This particular man was the highest ranking man (Lieutenant Colonel, one step away from General) ever to speak publicly on the events, and the subsequent artifacts retrieved at Roswell. He should know better than anybody too, for he alone for a time was responsible for these “artifacts” retrieved from this Army debacle in the New Mexico desert. He is now deceased. But not before he told his story to the world in his dying days. He didn’t give a flip about breaking his security oath, he knew he would be dead in a couple of months at the time of his “coming out”. He was indeed telling the truth about what actually came down at Roswell.

Actually, his own voice telling his story has since been analyzed (after his death) by advanced “truth analysis software” that is used by government intelligence agencies today. It is a thoroughly tried and very suitable method for getting data on vocal “stress markers” present when anyone attempts to deceive with speech. Think of it as the new polygraph, or lie detector test. What were the results of the test? He passed with flying colors, which means he was telling the truth about what he knew about Roswell, unlike the government.

As we will see, he actually saw the Grey “alien” corpses pilfered from the crashed disc sites packed in crates ready for transport to Wright Patterson AF base at the Army’s Fort Riley, in Kansas in 1947. He held the angelic “seeds” scavenged from their craft, in his hands inside his office at the Pentagon. He alone secretly spread them out to various laboratories to have these “seeds” reverse-engineered in the 1950’s. Leaving the true other worldly origins in the dark unbeknownst to the defense contractors that did the reverse engineering work. He watched these “seeds” change our world forever in his lifetime. It was all part of the “aliens” insidious plan. Every bit of it friends, is more true than you would ever like, or want to believe. The “proof” is most definitely in our current technological pudding.

He served on the National Security Council under Eisenhower from 1953-1957. He was a major player in the Pentagon for years. He answered only to General Arthur Trudeau and Trudeau in turn only to President Eisenhower. He was Chief (Head) of Foreign Technology of the United States Department of Defense in 1961. His name was Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso.

At the end of his life, he believed what he knew, which was incredible indeed, belonged to the American people, all of them, and he gave it all to us in his dying days. I assure you (and so do the results of his speech analysis test), it is nothing short of the absolute truth. His story is beyond incredible to say the least. We will soon find out just exactly who he was, and just what he saw and held, and why his story proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

First, however, we need to examine two incidents in particular which proved to our military higher ups at the time, just how important getting our hands on these “seeds” from Roswell, and figuring out how we could use them to our advantage, would be. When it came to protecting the United States of America from an “alien” threat that was more than obvious to the military brass, they were sure that the “alien” technology itself would be the only thing that would save us from their hostile intentions. Of this they were convinced. Even if they were denying or lying about the very existence of the hideously grotesque nightmarish “things” they were supposedly trying to protect us from.