NASA’s Curiosity Films UFO’s

The Watchman sees all. So apparently does the Mars rover Curiosity as well. Only days into the Wall-E look-alikes’ walkabout on the red planet, the NASA rover caught some rather interesting video. It shows two unidentified bright orbs flying along the horizon in the fish eye lens.

Well that could be meteors, comets, or a myriad of other natural space phenomenon, right? Sort of. The only problem is that a) the orbs fly in a straight line along the horizon without a tail (normally associated with natural space occurrences such as meteors or comets), and b) one of the two objects actually lifts vertically off the surface of Mars before following the horizon as well out of the frame. That is strange. Watch the jaw-dropping video.

I haven’t yet heard the absurd explanation that I am sure NASA has come up with to pacify this latest mystery the wonders of space has given us. Hold on, don’t tell me, let me guess NASA. A weather balloon on the martian surface? No, too lame. That one only worked before 1950 (and that was on earth, we are now on mars). How about ice crystals in the frame. No, that one is just as lame as the weather balloon one? Damn. What about dummies being launched off the martian surface by the previous martian rover Oppurtunity. Sorry about the ridiculousness of that last one, I was just taking a page out of the US Air Force’s playbook (I know, that last one is really bad –  I was just running out of ideas).

Close-up of object leaving the martian surface by vertical take-off.

Now I know that the human eye is susceptible to inadvertent trickery. However, from where I am sitting, it looks like two flying objects that are in a piece of video where there shouldn’t be flying objects. Flying objects that are clearly under some sort of intelligent control. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet – unlike the rest of the UFO hunters on the internet. Who knows, maybe it is something ordinary. Let me watch the video again.

To me it looks pretty far from ordinary. It looks like the fingerprints of the Rebel Alliance. If you don’t know who exactly that is just yet you can either read my ebook  which exposes these intruders for what they truly are (which is a complete and total lie). Or you can just wait a little while and have a telepathic conversation with one of these sperm and egg stealing insects yourself. From the looks of this latest NASA video, you might not have to wait that long. I suggest you read my e-book. Besides, my Cherokee blood can guarantee you that I can tell a better story than these repulsive insects we call the Greys.

Daniel Watchman


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National Geographic Team Finds Physical Evidence of Government Cover-up at Roswell Crash Site

US Army / Air Force coat button found at Roswell crash site by National Geographic

National Geographic’s new reality show Chasing UFO’s is picking up where the now cancelled UFO Hunters (The History Channel) abruptly left off. Except Nat. Geo. is actually bringing forth compelling evidence other than eyewitness testimonies and tantalizing videos. The team, which consists of a ufologist, a tech specialist and a radiation scientist have recently discovered the best physical evidence yet that something out of this world crashed near the dusty town of Roswell, New Mexico in the sweltering days of early July, 1947. This ordinary US military button actually tells more of a story than you could possibly imagine. So sit back and let me display my tracking skills for just a moment.

First hand eyewitness accounts (Major Jesse Marcel Sr, Mac Brasel) claimed that the Roswell debris field they first stumbled upon was over 3/4th of a mile long, and 200 yards in width (in some places). That’s one hell of a balloon ‘crash’ site (I know balloons can’t possibly crash according to physics, I am just humoring the government here just for a moment). Anyway, aerial photographs of the crash site have uncovered an extreme anamoly regarding this place that is literally out in the middle of nowhere. The ‘balloon’ crash site has been completely burned in the past.

Why would the military burn the site of the Roswell ‘balloon’ crash site? Well, if you don’t live near a large urban area or watch A&E’s The First 48 either, I’ll clue you in. Evil people trying to hide their tracks, also known as CRIMINALS, burn areas that might contain evidence that would implicate them very easily in a court of law. You be the judge on why the military would just burn the area that contained the debris field. The obvious reason to me is that in 1947, they didn’t realize that over 65 years later (now), we would possess the technology to easily find this broken trail of military dreams that leads straight to Roswell, New Mexico.

The burn patch is squared off, suggesting artificial causes for the fire. Nothing is in the initial reports in regards to the site being completely burned when it was first discovered by Major Marcel and Mac Brasel (the first two to see the site in the daytime immediately after the ‘balloon crash’). Marcel and Mac Brasel did report some charred bushes inside the boundary of the debris field, but absolutely nothing is said about the debris field being found in a raging wildfire…in the middle of the desert. I know, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Looking at the site from the recently taken aerial photos, it looks as if bleach has been poured out on a crime scene (fires don’t burn in square-shaped patterns). It is unmistakable. I’ll bet you can’t guess the dimensions of the squared off ‘bleach’ pattern left in the middle of the New Mexico desert? 3/4 of a mile long and 200 yards in diameter. The Nat. Geo. team found the button inside the square boundaries of this ‘bleach’ pattern.

Aerial photo showing Roswell ‘balloon’ site. Note how it looks like bleach poured on a crime scene.

Close-up of crash site. Note squared off straight lines. Dimensions of the pattern are almost identical to initial reports of the size of the debris field found on the Foster ranch : 3/4 mile long by 200 yards wide. What a coincidence.

Q: “We know the US military was at the Roswell ‘weather balloon’ debris field cleaning up, so what if somebody found a coat button from the time at the site?”

A: Well, it means a lot from an investigators’ perspective. Military records clearly show that the insignia and the number of stars on the button indicate that it was only manufactured for two years, 1947-1949. It belonged to the Army Air Force (the Air Force had not been inducted as its own branch yet). Again, the government doesn’t dispute the fact that they were cleaning up the wather balloon crash site (as ridiculous as that sounds) found near Roswell in 1947. So ask yourself this: Why on earth would enlisted military men be out in the middle of the night in the desert on their hands and knees searching with their eyes only a few feet away from the targeted area they were searching?

Q: How do we know the military were out conducting this thorough search for ‘weather balloon’ fragments at the crash site at night?

A: The military button discovered by the Nat. Geo. team was very sturdy. It is unmistakably a coat button. Now normally you wouldn’t be wearing a coat in the desert in the first part of July, unless of course you were working at night. This small tidbit of information again sprouts a whole other story other than a nondescript military clean-up effort for a simple weather or spy balloon apparatus.

Of course the dispute when it comes to the Roswell case is what exactly did come down in the desert that night in early July, 1947? The government explanations (there have been three so far pertaining to different balloon types) say it was nothing to get worked up over. US GOV: “It was just a balloon (which one of the three they are claiming it is – is still a little unclear in my mind), so go back to quietly paying your taxes, there’s nothing to see here. What’s that? Somebody from the inside of Roswell Army Air base already released a truthful press statement to the media in Roswell stating that we (the military) already have in our possession, a flying disc???? Doh. Well, actually it was just… a weather balloon. I mean, it was actually… a top-secret spy balloon designed to detect soviet nuclear blasts halfway across the world. You, the public aren’t buying that one either? Well, give me just a moment to compose myself. Okay, I’m being serious this time I promise. It was in all truthfulness….mannequins dropped on parachutes from low flying planes to test for something. What’s that? You have looked at our military records and discovered that not only were all incoming and outgoing Roswell Army/Air Force base transmissions from 1947  destroyed for some unknown reason, but you guys out there actually checking up on the Gov. also quickly discovered that the mannequins weren’t dropped out of planes for the first time until 1953, and the Roswell event actually happened in 1947??? Oops. Like I said, go back to paying your taxes. If for some reason we cannot be contacted in the future for further questioning, know we have certainly NOT used your tax dollars to build an immense subterranean complex consisting of entire underground self-sufficient cities spanning the US in the extreme case of an invasion of earth by a highly advanced, inter-stellar armada of, ahem…balloons. That’s right, I said balloons – from space. Please, no further questions. We would like this whole thing to just queitly slip away in the summer breeze. No, you can’t have the real reason why we cancelled the space shuttle program indefinitely, I said no more questions (high pitched voice coming from the background: “okay, dad”). Isn’t it almost time to go punch a clock somewhere? These taxes aren’t going to pay themselves.”

So now that we have all seen just how ludicrous the idea of the military swooping down on the balloon crash site in the middle of the night is, chew on this for a moment. The button found suggests that the servicemen were on their hands and knees in the middle of the night while thoroughly combing the Roswell site.

Q: How could we possibly know that the military was on their hands and knees while trying to clean up the site at night?

A: That’s a good question, with an even better answer. In July of 1947, whoever lost that coat button in the middle of the desert near Roswell, had only been wearing the coat for less than a year. If you have ever been in the military, you are fully aware of your uniform regulations. If code is not meet in regards to your uniform (loose buttons and threads, wrinkles, etc.), expect harsh punishment for not following code (orders). The button found was only in production from 1947-1949. So that means that the only way that freshly stitched button could have been torn from the coat which it called home is by contact with the ground while on your hands and knees. While you are searching desperately for something. In the middle of the night. In the middle of the desert.

US enlisted military man cleaning up the Roswell balloon crash site in July, 1947 :  “So what am I looking for again, a weather or spy balloon apparatus that was lost by the Army/Air Force? I need to be on my hands and knees in the middle of the desert night to carry out this task? Must be a pretty important piece of equipment. What’s that you say? The project Mogul balloon apparatus (as well as weather balloons at that time) were only composed of simple rigging, balsa wood fragments and rubber balloons? Ones which carried such force from the thousand of miles an hour descent from the lower atmosphere into the desert plains that bits of rubber and balsa wood were embedded into the ground as a result of the EXPLOSIVE impact of the balloon ‘CRASH’ ? Balloons that were sooo top-secret that the address for Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) was actually printed on them because if you found one that did come down on your property, the military wanted you to mail it back to them??? I don’t get it, but I am in the military. Following orders IS MY JOB. If I don’t do my job, then I DON’T STAY IN THE MILITARY (that’s right, the checks stop coming in, son). SIR, YES SIR! Cleaning up the weather or spy-balloon debris (or dummies dropped from parachutes that didn’t happen for the first time until 1953). SIR!”