The Maya knew WHAT?

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After a short disconnect from the web I have returned refreshed (two weeks is a short time in my mind). The hour of the time is quickly drawing nigh. As we draw closer to what the Maya called the ‘womb of creation’, earth and conciousness changes come with the birth of a new age.

On the winter solstice this year our planet will be in line with every other planet in the solar system with perfect alignment as this planetary stack shaped like a needle (with our sun for the head) will be pointed directly into the Milky way galaxy. This happens once every 26 thousand years. This incredible celestial phenomenon is what gave the Maya the idea that new suns (26,000 yr celestial precessional cycles [or 13 baktunes as the Maya called them]) were born from this celestial birthing ritual taking place on the stage of the night sky. The Maya could actually correctly predict the movement of the bodies in our heavens (even the ones that cannot be seen with the naked eye) as they roam our solar system in cycles of 26 thousand years. Um, does anyone else think that is just a little bit advanced for a people who didn’t even possess the wheel? Hell, they didn’t even possess the knowledge of iron if you believe the archeologists point of view. How is it that western intellect only stumbled upon pluto as late as the 1930’s, yet Neolithic people from the jungles of Middle America did not only know about these planetary bodies in our solar system (Neptune and pluto) literally thousands of years before science was even invented; but they could accurately track these bodies movements in the sky at cycles of 26,000 years? Something is missing in this equation.

The variable in this equation that is nowhere to be found when it comes to the Maya (and the Ancient Egyptians) is TECHNOLOGY. You know, the variable that brought our attention  to the planetary bodies of Neptune and pluto in the 1930’s. As far as I know, we haven’t found any telescopes the size of a three-story house buried at any Mayan sites we have unearthed (so far). This is but one mystery that the Maya have left us with.

If you look at the religion of the Maya however, where this advanced knowledge was seeded from is no mystery at all. The ‘sky gods’ gave it to them. The ones that lived with them for a time on this planet. The legends of the Inca are identical. Almost too similar. According to these two separate cultures, both of their sky gods responsible for starting their civilization were bearded white men wearing long flowing robes who came to these cultures using technology the natives didn’t quite understand. Neither the Maya nor the Inca could grow beards. Not even wispy little Fu-Manchu hairs on their face. They are both Native American cultures. Neither culture at that time could grow beards due to the purity of both races. Wierd doesn’t even begin to describe what their oral history declares.

Oral history is much more likely to remain unchanged for millenia. The reason for this is the fact that even though languages change throughout time, the story passed by those changing languages remained virtually the same. This is their religion. It had to be preserved for the future generation of Maya to come. Their traditions aren’t some thousand-year old telephone game with the ending generation’s tale having nothing to do with the origin of the story. This was the most sacred knowledge the priests of that time held possession of, period. We have to look a little deeper at what this religion of theirs states. There are clues that help us understand the bigger picture when it comes to who these ancient cultures were in contact with. I believe it is the same collective intelligence that has now brought forth a technological revolution in our own modern-day culture. This is no mistake.

The problem is the sinister mission which underlies all this UFO activity we are now seeing such  a monumental increase in. The dark mission that my e-book When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints will disclose in full. I know exactly what these ‘aliens’ will preach once they make themselves known on a public level. It sure as hell won’t be about God or Jesus either. You can go ahead and take that one to the bank, Jack.

I also know about the certain annihilation of our planet the ‘aliens’ will claim is on its way once they invade this beautiful planet we walk upon. Not only that, but I know this reason of impending doom (lie) to befall the earth is actually what will bring them out into the open from their subterranean hiding places that can now be found all over this earth. We already know they are here in our upper atmosphere. NASA has the incredible film to prove it. The e-book covers it all, and it is only two weeks away. Keep your eyes on the skies, friend. The ‘Grand Reveal’ we are all waiting on could happen the very second you are reading this sentence. Madness awaits those who believe the coming lie of the ‘space bothers’. The Watchman however, has the secret intelligence to blow the lid off this covert operation. The light of truth will forever shine, even when I am long since gone.