NASA’s Curiosity Films UFO’s

The Watchman sees all. So apparently does the Mars rover Curiosity as well. Only days into the Wall-E look-alikes’ walkabout on the red planet, the NASA rover caught some rather interesting video. It shows two unidentified bright orbs flying along the horizon in the fish eye lens.

Well that could be meteors, comets, or a myriad of other natural space phenomenon, right? Sort of. The only problem is that a) the orbs fly in a straight line along the horizon without a tail (normally associated with natural space occurrences such as meteors or comets), and b) one of the two objects actually lifts vertically off the surface of Mars before following the horizon as well out of the frame. That is strange. Watch the jaw-dropping video.

I haven’t yet heard the absurd explanation that I am sure NASA has come up with to pacify this latest mystery the wonders of space has given us. Hold on, don’t tell me, let me guess NASA. A weather balloon on the martian surface? No, too lame. That one only worked before 1950 (and that was on earth, we are now on mars). How about ice crystals in the frame. No, that one is just as lame as the weather balloon one? Damn. What about dummies being launched off the martian surface by the previous martian rover Oppurtunity. Sorry about the ridiculousness of that last one, I was just taking a page out of the US Air Force’s playbook (I know, that last one is really bad –  I was just running out of ideas).

Close-up of object leaving the martian surface by vertical take-off.

Now I know that the human eye is susceptible to inadvertent trickery. However, from where I am sitting, it looks like two flying objects that are in a piece of video where there shouldn’t be flying objects. Flying objects that are clearly under some sort of intelligent control. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet – unlike the rest of the UFO hunters on the internet. Who knows, maybe it is something ordinary. Let me watch the video again.

To me it looks pretty far from ordinary. It looks like the fingerprints of the Rebel Alliance. If you don’t know who exactly that is just yet you can either read my ebook  which exposes these intruders for what they truly are (which is a complete and total lie). Or you can just wait a little while and have a telepathic conversation with one of these sperm and egg stealing insects yourself. From the looks of this latest NASA video, you might not have to wait that long. I suggest you read my e-book. Besides, my Cherokee blood can guarantee you that I can tell a better story than these repulsive insects we call the Greys.

Daniel Watchman


65th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident

As we approach the anniversary of the most significant event ever to make our acquaintance, I pause for reflection. Then I laugh. I’m actually taken over with hysterical laughter.

To think that most of the world today (especially America) has actually bought the three alternative government explanations concerning the Roswell incident is quite funny in my mind. You did read that right. Since the historical records show that the government admitted to taking possession of a ‘flying disc’ in July of 1947, the Air Force has been so kind as to enlighten us on the actual identity of the craft that crashed at Roswell – THREE MORE TIMES. Um, Hello? Anybody there?

In my upcoming book I have been kind enough to help the Air Force out regarding any future ‘weather balloons’ that may come down unannounced. I’ll reprint my point here to give you a clue where I’m going with this one.

TO US AF: When attempting to tell a lie create just one story and stick to it so that the people you are trying to deceive (the public) WON’T REALIZE YOU ARE LYING TO THEM. It really is a simple concept.

I realize that most of you out there have not done any serious research on the Roswell incident specifically. I have. For over twenty years now. I’m going to clue you in on a well know secret known by some. The craft (it certainly wasn’t a balloon of ANY SORT) that crashed at Roswell was not manufactured on this earth. Think about the idea of a balloon ‘crashing’ for a second. I know, it makes no sense according to simple logic. Saying that a balloon crashed is like saying feathers ‘crash’ into the ground when they finally do land. HELLO? ANYBODY THERE?

I have explored every possible angle and theory on what it could have been that did crash outside of Roswell in 1947. There is certainly no shortage of explanations. From mutated soviet children dropped in our laps by Stalin, to Nazi technology being aimed at us (by escaped Nazis) from their hidden base in the center of the hollow earth (the opening to the base is purported to be in Antarctica somewhere). Most if not all of these are probably born from government agents armed with disinformation to cloud the path followed by investigators.

Today no physical evidence exists to support what I am saying. I realize this. Though physical evidence is not needed for a conviction in a court of law. Jerry Sandusky can account to that. That slimeball will never see the light of day again. What do the people who were actually first hand witnessess to this strange event called the Roswell incident say about it? Well, there are now over 400 of them to have since publicly spoken about the Roswell incident. Almost all are now since deceased, but not before going on the public record. They all tell the same story. One that is so unbelievable that people have trouble taking it as fact over 65 years later.

Put their matching testimonies (over 400 mind you) next to the absolutely absurd government explanations (a total of FOUR so far) regarding this event, and you are confronted with a very different picture. One that doesn’t involve weather or spy balloons, and certainly not anthropomorphic dummies dropped from airplanes (this project didn’t start until 1953, Roswell was in 1947) It is a picture that looks more like this according to the original Army Air force press release issued by Public Information Officer Walter Haut to Roswell media in early July, 1947:

A space craft that did not originate on this planet came down in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico in early July of 1947. Up until that point in 1947, over 900 UFO reports were documented and catalogued in Canada and the US. Almost 1,000 reports in a little over 7 months! It was a genuine mystery greeting North America. Then Roswell occured. Mystery solved.

The pilots killed in the crash were not human. They were flesh and blood entities that under further medical autopsy showed two brains in the heads of the creatures that accounted for their oversized, grey light bulb heads. How in the world do I know this? Well, I have read the testimony of the highest ranking military offical ever to publicly comment on the Roswell incident. How do I know he wasn’t some moron trying to make money? A couple of good reasons.

His name was Lt. Colonel Philip Corso. He was one step away from achieving the rank of Brigadier General. He served on Eisenhower’s secerity council in the early 1950’s. He worked as Chief of Foreign R&D (research and development) at the Pentagon under the guidance of only two people. A General Arthur Trudeau and then in turn to the President. He claims that he was entrusted to decipher the technologies found in the Roswell spacecraft for the benefit of out military first, and then in turn to our commercial industries. Again, how do I know Corso just wasn’t out to make money on this book he wrote detailing the entire terrifying episode? Well, the Roswell Incident happened in 1947. Corso released his book titled The Day After Roswell in 1997. Three months before his death due to a heart attack then in his eighties.

Now if he is trying to make money on this, why didn’t we see this book of his in the mid 1970’s when the whole world was alien crazy? Close Encounters (based on an actual event at Holloman Air Force base in the early 1960’s), Star Wars, the world would have eaten Corso’s book up back then. He would have been mega-rich had he released his ‘story’ then. But he didn’t. He died a middle class citizen. He passed away only three months after the book came out. He didn’t care about the money, and that’s obvious by looking at when it was released in his lifetime. He wanted America to know the truth. Unfortunately nobody has even heard of this guy, much less believes him when they do hear what he has to say.

I have done the homework for almost two decades now. Philip Corso is who he says he was. He was in the right place with the right top secret credentials at the right time to have actually worked on a project like this. Was he telling the truth? Well, he is dead now. Yet from the grave we have evidence to support the statement that he was indeed telling the truth. How? Truth indicating software is a tool used buy the FBI to find identifying telltale signs of deception that are hidden within the timbre, pitch, and frequency of the human voice when he/she is attempting to deceive. Corso’s audio recordings of him telling his story have since been entered into this software for further analysis. What did the software reveal about Corso and his incredible story?

Not a single deception marker was found in over 2 hours of analyzed audio.

The sheeple don’t want to hear whats actually going on. Fear is the driving motivation for this refusal of the evidence. It doesn’t matter what you want to believe in life, it never changes the fact of what IS. The world is in for a rude awakening very soon. Culture shock that will turn most people’s psyche into a puddle of quivering jelly. It is right over the horizon.

If you would like to read the story of Philip Corso straight from the horses mouth (please don’t take my word for it), his book The Day After Roswell can be read online for free at Do yourself a favor and read it. First look up Corso’s bio-page online and marvel at his credentials. This guy is a star witness for the prosecution’s case.  Aliens are real. Yet they do not come from another solar system. They live here on earth right alongside of us. Madness awaits those who believe in the lie of the ‘space brothers’. Most are not aware of such world changing information.

Well I am. My book will spell it all out and just how it fits into biblical end time prophecy. In a little over a month the truth will be available to the public. I will definitely keep you guys posted on the launch date. Keep your eyes on the skies and the Creator in your heart and you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Daniel Watchman