NASA’s Curiosity Films UFO’s

The Watchman sees all. So apparently does the Mars rover Curiosity as well. Only days into the Wall-E look-alikes’ walkabout on the red planet, the NASA rover caught some rather interesting video. It shows two unidentified bright orbs flying along the horizon in the fish eye lens.

Well that could be meteors, comets, or a myriad of other natural space phenomenon, right? Sort of. The only problem is that a) the orbs fly in a straight line along the horizon without a tail (normally associated with natural space occurrences such as meteors or comets), and b) one of the two objects actually lifts vertically off the surface of Mars before following the horizon as well out of the frame. That is strange. Watch the jaw-dropping video.

I haven’t yet heard the absurd explanation that I am sure NASA has come up with to pacify this latest mystery the wonders of space has given us. Hold on, don’t tell me, let me guess NASA. A weather balloon on the martian surface? No, too lame. That one only worked before 1950 (and that was on earth, we are now on mars). How about ice crystals in the frame. No, that one is just as lame as the weather balloon one? Damn. What about dummies being launched off the martian surface by the previous martian rover Oppurtunity. Sorry about the ridiculousness of that last one, I was just taking a page out of the US Air Force’s playbook (I know, that last one is really bad –  I was just running out of ideas).

Close-up of object leaving the martian surface by vertical take-off.

Now I know that the human eye is susceptible to inadvertent trickery. However, from where I am sitting, it looks like two flying objects that are in a piece of video where there shouldn’t be flying objects. Flying objects that are clearly under some sort of intelligent control. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet – unlike the rest of the UFO hunters on the internet. Who knows, maybe it is something ordinary. Let me watch the video again.

To me it looks pretty far from ordinary. It looks like the fingerprints of the Rebel Alliance. If you don’t know who exactly that is just yet you can either read my ebook  which exposes these intruders for what they truly are (which is a complete and total lie). Or you can just wait a little while and have a telepathic conversation with one of these sperm and egg stealing insects yourself. From the looks of this latest NASA video, you might not have to wait that long. I suggest you read my e-book. Besides, my Cherokee blood can guarantee you that I can tell a better story than these repulsive insects we call the Greys.

Daniel Watchman


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