The Wait is Over- The Truth has Finally Arrived

Now available through

After a slight delay, When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints e-book is now here. This isn’t light reading for the bathroom. This heavyweight is chock full of sublime mysteries, packing a point of view that could very well rewire your consciousness.

In this text, masterful investigative searches turn up clear fingerprints of non-human intelligence at work on this planet long ago. From the baffling mysteries of the Great Pyramids at Giza, to jaw dropping NASA UFO’s caught by the shuttle program; all of this and so much more has revealed the startling. An advanced non-human intelligence has been watching us for millenia. However this intelligence is not what you would initially think it is. That is what they want you to believe, but that certainly isn’t the truth. Madness awaits those who believe the coming lie of the intergalactic space brothers.

The elixir that will cure that mental illness – will cost you a meager $7.99 through It’s well worth it. The truths revealed inside this opus of mine are now ready to take the world by storm. Care to hitch a ride? Here is where you can get on board:

You do not need to own a Kindle e-reader in order to read a Kindle book. All you need is a free app found online to allow for reading on any smartphone, tablet, mac or pc. It takes seconds to download. However the truths you will be absorbing through that application may take a lifetime to digest.


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